My first power conditioner...

Having never had anything better than a cheap Furman I took a leap of faith today (In Shunyata) and purchased the new Hydra Delta D6.
Being a new model and with me being new to power conditioning I figured it would be a good match 🙂
Hoping for the best...
Cool! I hope you like it. I did something similar. Went from an inexpensive Furman "Power Station 8" to a "Pure Power Gold 2000" AC power regenerator. I was not sure what to expect if anything. But as I continued listening I kept noticing more and more things I had not heard before. It's kind of hard to  describe but it was like a fog was lifted from the sound stage. Everything became clearer and in sharper focus. There was much more of a sense that the performers had their own space or position in space, and the sound of the recording venue became more apparent. I could better tell the size of the recording space. These are things that are not obvious when you first hook it up and sit down to have a listen but you slowly become aware of them as you get used to it. It's not like a change in tonality that would be obvious at first listen. I hope you have a similar experience. 

Have fun and enjoy. Happy new year.
IMO power conditioning should be the foundation and starting point of our system upgrades. GLHF! 
@ chazzy007
Agreed. Unfortunately I did not learn to do things in the proper order. I read to many peoples opinions on to many things and didn't think things through at first. Some experiences were educational. Some were just costly. 
I now know that power cables not only matter, but they will have a much bigger effect on a system then speaker cables or interconnects. 
Money and big names do not equate to quality. Etc...
Before this purchase I had a dedicated 20 amp line, a good receptrical and good power cables on out. I have been missing a link in the chain the entire time. Hopefully this will be a great one for the money. 


good choice on the Shunyata.  I use 3 Shunyata Hydras (discontinued) over 2 systems and my systems are dead quiet with great dynamics.  All Shunyata conditioners are NON current limiting. 
Thanks. This is a return to Shunyata in a way. I had a pair of their NR line power cables on my amplifier and Marantz at one point. The level they dropped the noise floor to absolutely floored me. Enough so that I was almost uneasy with it until I realized what I was (or wasn't I should say) hearing. 
The D6 is still considered part of the Hydra line. They are still using the name.
I had considered buying a used Triton V1 or Denali. They can be picked up for around $2200 to $2500 now, but Caelin used the tech and performance features from both to create this. I saved quite a bit and according to Richard at Shunyata it was a toss up between the D6 and Triton V1. That's saying quite a bit considering I believe the Triton V1 was $4000 new. 
A word about Richard...
This guy was UNBELIEVABLY helpful! He answered and returned calls after hours, text messages on a Sunday etc. I'm in my 50s and in all my life have never seen that from ANY company. 


Shunyata does have great service.  I called once asking about a power cord I purchased used and Caelin answered all my questions.  I use all Shunyata power cords as well except for my SACD player which I use an Acrolink cable.  Eventually, I want to go to 1 larger conditioner and 1 smaller one.  I will wait a couple of years until the new ones out now will be selling used for half price.