My first power conditioner...

Having never had anything better than a cheap Furman I took a leap of faith today (In Shunyata) and purchased the new Hydra Delta D6.
Being a new model and with me being new to power conditioning I figured it would be a good match 🙂
Hoping for the best...

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Cool! I hope you like it. I did something similar. Went from an inexpensive Furman "Power Station 8" to a "Pure Power Gold 2000" AC power regenerator. I was not sure what to expect if anything. But as I continued listening I kept noticing more and more things I had not heard before. It's kind of hard to  describe but it was like a fog was lifted from the sound stage. Everything became clearer and in sharper focus. There was much more of a sense that the performers had their own space or position in space, and the sound of the recording venue became more apparent. I could better tell the size of the recording space. These are things that are not obvious when you first hook it up and sit down to have a listen but you slowly become aware of them as you get used to it. It's not like a change in tonality that would be obvious at first listen. I hope you have a similar experience. 

Have fun and enjoy. Happy new year.