Music Hall MMF 7.3 Question

What are some upgrades to the MMF 7.3 that users think have benefits such as cartridges and platter? Other than this table seems to react to cartridge upgrades rather well I haven't seen much else. 
You must have read Stereophile's review. If you did, and if you believe the reviewer, you must get rid of the supplied cartridge. 
I'm running a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood on my 7.1 and it sounds fantastic.  What's your budget?  What are you using for a phono stage?  If your setup supports low output MC carts, the Hana SL is a great value.

I'm wondering if anyone has found any upgrades for the feet.  On the 7.1 at least, the motor is so close to the foot on the front left that it seems impossible to put a bigger heavier set of feet on, which I think would help with isolation.
They recommend a Goldring Elite per the review or Denon 103. You could look at the Zu/Denon 103r.
Big Greg my phono preamp is a Vincent PHO 8. Not high dollar but very good for the money and yes I've wondered about the feet myself. I'm going to try 2 different isolation devices.  One a Delrin platform a friend gave me and another is an acrylic platform that has rubber feet.  It's very good for the money and listed for over $200 new.  I can't think of the name right now. My budget is approximately $800 or less.  
Nice recommendation Noromance. Approximately what do they sell for?
Same question every week from different users of cheap belt drive turntables. 

Some killer cartridges for your Music Hall:

Stanton 881s mkII or 980 
Pickering XSV-3000 or 4500 
Victor X-1IIe or X-1II
Audio-Technica AT-ML-150 OCC or AT-ML170
Grace F-9 or F14 
Garrott P77 or P77i 
Audio-Technics AT15SL or  AT20SLa 

*How much are you willing to spend on a cartridge ? 

Most of Chakster's recommendations are great but not in production.
This is the review. Take from it what you will.
Thank you Chakster for taking the time to recommend some cartridges.  I realize the 7.3 isn't a VPI or a substantial turntable build wise however,  I don't need a TT of that build quality right now.  The Music Hall hits a sweet spot in their line-up and my budget for the moment.  

Thank you very much noromance. Those cartridges hit within my budget. I just want to have some fun with vinyl and enjoy my limited vinyl collection.  My main source is a LUMIN and a T+A DAC 8. 
Those cartridges hit within my budget. I just want to have some fun with vinyl and enjoy my limited vinyl collection.

@samzx12  Let me add this link again, the article is very interesting, not new, but still valuable to learn MM vs MC subject. It's about MM that sounds like Mastertape, people who made such statement are professional mastering/cutting engineers. You can't go wrong with Stanton or Audio-Technica models from that article. 
I found that the Herbies mat was a very positive upgrade for my Music Hall 5.1.  I have never been much a believer in the difference a mat could make until I tried the Herbies.  OTOH, it sounded horrible on my Linn, so trying for yourself is the only way.  Cheap and money back if not satisfied.  
Have you tried a regular cork mat? 
No, I don't have the table anymore and I saw no reason to go past the Herbies.  Mats definitely change the sound, so you really need to experiment.  
There is a nice Graphite Mat produced by 47 Labs in Japan, it's lightweight and fine for belt drive turntables. They call it "The Mat" and it's the latest incarnation of the famous Boston Audio Mat (you will find tons of reviews). 
Good advice chayro.  Thanks.