Mumford Sons

I felt the need to post about this (lp). While I really enjoyed their first lp, I am really loving "Babel" even more.
What really stands out to me is the flow of the record. It gets better and better from start to finish. The ability of this record to draw you in and keep you there is pretty remarkable IMO. While maybe not everyone's cup of tea, I'm very excited even after 4 plays completely through. This is one to listen 'through'.
That's funny because I'm a huge fan of their first release but this new release left me cold on my first two listens. Although I gave it a try again yesterday by coincedence and enjoyed it more.
I agree the second release is every bit as good as the first if not better.
I had the same reaction as Jax - my first take was that it sounded like a rehash of Sigh. I guess I gotta go back and give it another shot.
I think it is very similar to Sigh. It could have been recorded during the same time. Kinda like a movie sequel, Babel takes the successful Sigh and expands upon it. I think if you liked Sigh, you will love Babel. Cheers.
I need to listen to it again as well. I was obsessed with their first album, but on a half hearted listen to the new one , I was thinking , more of same, not impressed.
With due respect, Toddnkaya, your response is not well received. "I was obsessed with their first album, but on a half hearted listen to the new one, I was thinking, more of the same, not impressed."

Can you explain what I consider a move in "one direction (positive), then another move in a completely separate direction, (negative) in response to the band? Once, you are "obsessed, then you are "not impressed"?

What is going on here? Is it just me?
Much ado about not much. Plain vanilla. You sure don't need high-end gear for this type music.
12-22-12: Rok2id
Much ado about not much. Plain vanilla.

I couldn't have said it better.
I'm unfamiliar with this band. What genre are they? I suppose I'll check them out on You Tube.
Checked out a tune "I'll Wait". This is a good example of where this country is divided on music. I'm from up North and this music is just about unheard of up here. I'm not saying its bad, we just don't hear it up here. I love that. We play euchre and jazz where I'm from. It just comes with the territory.
I loved Sigh No More. However, loke Jaxwire said, this outing is pretty disappointing to me. It feels way more pop-oriented.
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