Multi Arm Table

I have a Basis Debut but it can only accomodate 1 arm. I change wands on my Graham Phantom for mono play but the loading is also differant so I have to change the phono Preamp input. I want this to be easier so.
I want to set the new table up for my mono cartridge and a cartridge/arm combination to play 45's. I do not want to spend the money I paid for my Basis setup.
I am thinking Clearaudio Innovation Wood Compact and would like some other suggetions.
BTW I will be keeping the Basis.
One of the Transrotor tables might fit you needs. I have a Fat Bob,which will accept 2 arms. Other Transrotors will accept 3 arms. The Transrotor sounds great, wonderful build quality, and probably less than your Basis. A little hard to find on the used market in the US though.
Changing arms is not an ideal approach. Only two different arms mounted on the same table will give you the best performance. I tried a single arm approach with my VPI table but gave up after getting inferior sound on the mono wand. The only way to solve the loading issue is to get a phono pre-amp that gives you that option. I solve the issue by getting a AR-5, which has a remote control.
I have a Basis 2001 I had listed on here; it has now expired but if you might be interested I will re-list it. Really good sound; I just decided to go with one table; has a SME 3 on it now but other arms are a possibility. I have a Graham 2.2 I am getting ready to send back to Graham for minor repair. You could get a sound not that far from your other table at a reasonable price.
I saw a setup in NYC that had 4 arms mounted on a Micro-Seiki 8000 turntable. He had all four mounting blocks custom machined so that the weight difference between all 4 arms/cartridges with mounting block was less than 1 gram. It was a truely awesome experience, for me anyway. So he had 4 different arm/cartridge combinations on the ONE turntable. Crazy Kool. :)
You have three options:

1- buy a new deck that can accommodate multiple arms. $$$
2- build or rebuild a deck that can accommodate multiple tonearms. Start with a Thorens TD-124 or Garrard 301 and... $$-$$$
3- buy a vintage deck that can accommodate multiple tonearms. I am particularly fond of the Luxman PD-444, but there are several others. $-$$
I 2nd the Luxman PD-444 if you can find one. Great vintage DD turntable.
Your first (aka cheapest) option is to looks at the 'arm pod' thread. I had the same problem with my Kuzma Stabi Reference and solved the problem by ordering an arm pod/ tonearm combo by the Red ( But you may prefer
some of the ideas from the mentioned thread and build your
own or order one by a manufacturer. The best option among
arm pods is the 'universal kind' with replaceable above plate such that you can use different tonearms. However because of the distance to the spindle you will probable
need 12'' tonearms.

The Basis Debut is an excellent turntable, better than some of the alternatives proposed above. The Basis has very precise lockable arm boards that are easy to change over. Why dont you use additional arm boards - you should be able to set up a range of arms with easy changeover.
Manitunc, Thanks for the info I am looking into the table.

Buconero117, I agree.

Stanwal, I want a 2 arm table does the 2001 have 2 arm setup?

Jmcgrogan2, I once had a MicroSeiki BL-91 it was a great table but feel newer tables remove energy and vibration better.

Br3098 & 4musica44107, very interesting table but I am going for option 1.

Nandric, I never thought of that and am looking into it the only issue is the arm as the Basis has a very large foot print.

Dover,I have the clear version that does not have the arm board. I had thought of the black for that reason but went with clear so here I am again looking at tables.

THanks for all your help so far.
TW Raven Two can have two arms with a small foot print (18x17). The armboard can have interchangable insert for different tonearms. Raven AC could be better and have four arms capacity but with a much larger foot print and cost much more.
Hevac 1, If your Basis has a 'very large foor print' than
you can use 9'' or 10'' tonearms with the so called 'flat
base' like the Triplanar , the Red, etc. To avoid drilling
3 holes for those you can glue them to your Basis. Assuming
of course that you have > 211mm distance from the spindle
on the left back side .

Agree with Nandric
One suggestion would be to look for an RS labs arm which has a heavy base that is designed to merely 'sit' on a horizontal surface and does not need any holes to drilled nor glue so you won't damage that lovely acrylic on the Basis.
I have the Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood - I got it for the same reason... multiple arms for stereo records, mono records, and 78s.

I did a ton or research and came to the conclusion this was the best and easiest set up possible in my price range.

I was patient and extremely lucky, and I managed to get everything I wanted for around $5000.00! The table, two armboards, a Fidelity Research FR-64s with three headshells, and a Clearaudio Satisfy carbon fiber tonearm. No carts at this price.

I am no expert with high end, but I can assure you that this is an easy machine to set up and operate with truly wonderful results. All my audiophool friends seem to think it's an extremely nice setup as well. None of them are into running two arms but they really like the Innovation Compact.

Good luck.
Well I am going to put the Clearaudio or another TT on hold for now and look into the arm pod option. The wife does not want me doing any more construction till I finish the other jobs around the house I have started.

I do not want to do anything that will permanently alter my Basis. This is going to take some time to figure out. I also think it is going to require a 12" arm because of the Basis's size.