ProAc Super Tablette - bad tweeter or bad crossover?

Hey guys, I have a “tweeter or crossover” dilemma I hope I can get some help with. So, I know this question has been asked and answered but I’ve got a related question that I haven’t found an answer to: can a ‘bad’ crossover cause a blown tweeter? To the story-

 I’ve got a lovely pair of ProAc Super Tablettes circa early 90’s and one tweeter is not functioning at all. I took the whole unit out and tested the tweeter with a basic cheap multimeter and get no reading at all, so I’m pretty sure the tweeter is blown. NOW, my quandary is: can a faulty crossover blow a tweeter? In other words, can I just order a new ScanSpeak 2010 and plop it in, or should I be concerned that the crossover could be the cause? (Possible? Likely? Impossible?) @ $80 a tweeter I’d like to avoid a second replacement! Everything physically looks ok on the crossover.

I’m electronically ignorant, so clipping off and testing each component of the crossover and then resoldering each back on is a bit beyond me I think. I don’t know what the individual components are, I wouldn’t know what values to look for, and I can solder enough to replace the tweeter, but I don’t want to resolder anything on the circuit board if I don’t HAVE to.
Thanks for taking the time to help! I do appreciate it,

I would contact John Rutan at Audioconnection (his store and Audiogon moniker). He sells ProAc and can give you direction.
Cool, thanks for the referral! 
I was just looking at a pair of Tablettes and saw some information about tightening the screws for the drivers. Though I am sure Johnny knows about this.