Morel MDT-33 soft dome tweeter

Anyone know where I might be able to get a new pair?

Thanks, and stay safe.

First, try Google.

Google will direct you to Parts Express and Madisound. :)




The only ones I've come across are used.  The ones in my speakers sound fine, but they're dimpled up a bit and was hoping to find a new pair somewhere.

When I bought the speakers the tweeters were both pushed in.  Did the vacuum trick, which surprisingly worked, but the anal in me wants to not see the dimples.

I could just put the grills back on, maybe. 

If they just have dimples, you could disassemble them and push them round from inside.

If that's not good enough, another less expensive (than buying whole new tweet) is to call Madisound about replacement diaphragms.
To swap out the domes, is just about all you can do, or buy a new matched pair of the modern equivalents. The 338.

IIRC, the only way to get the matched pair of domes (they are sold in matched pairs) , is to buy the matched pair of tweeters, and then swap the domes to your magnetic motors of the already installed tweeters. Look up dome swapping. You have to be careful on how they are pulled out of their you don’t lose any of the ferrofluid. The domes must be pulled out slowly so the ferrofluid stays in the gap of the given motor that the dome is being pulled from.

You’ll also have to check ahead of time to see if the domes can actually be swapped. Question: Did morel keep the mountings the them altering it slightly - or not? A web search will inform.

If you are squeezing nickles, the old pair of dimpled dome tweeters might fetch half the cost of the new tweeters. As all you are doing is stealing and swapping the new domes on to the old magnets and face plates.

Or just swap the tweeters period. They are very very close in spec and behavior as compared to the older version. Same rocket, different flame sticker down the side. the difference is in the face plate, primarily? have to check on that.

So you keep your old face plate, with the three screw mount ...and just put the new 338 motor and dome assembly behind it. Then sell off the old motors and dome assemblies, with the 338 face plate. Similar $ numbers (about half value) on the resale.

I’ve built speakers with the three different versions of the MDT-33/338. the us version and the Israeli version. The us version is a rare beast, I tried it out a few times, then the MDT-33 and the 338. Makes for three versions. I think enough of this tweeter that it is at the top of my list for candidates each time I look to design a speaker. With proper crossover design and tweaking, it is the equal of many of the best.

The ones with the smaller face plate are available, so you can bu them in a pinch. As it is just the face plate as the single difference. Resale might be harder, though.

the thing to be careful about is the impedance. Make sure it is the same version of impedance.
Thanks, everyone for the info and suggestions.

Performing surgery scares me a bit as I tried once before on a different tweeter and screwed things pretty royally.

I saw today they sell replacement domes (Morel R-33) at Parts Express.  Is a dome replacement fairly straight forward and easy or does one need to be a speaker building expert to swap out the domes?

Thanks again.


It's super easy. 

Just keep in mind the magnet is super strong, so you want to keep good control of your screw driver, and when you pull screws off, keep them far away so they don't jump and break the diaphragm. 
Since you are already thinking of replacing the diaphragm, you shouldn't be too scared to try and repair them. :)