Morel Drivers and Tweeter Opions?

What is your opinion of these. Citation uses this brand in their speakers, are they good or not. Thank you.
I bought a pair of morel preludes here last dec.,I am no expert,but I am very happy with the drivers,very high quality.
Morel drivers are excellent. Many of the drivers are copies of Dynaudio drivers. They have some sort of lisencing agreement with Dynaudio. The costs are much lower than Dynaudio. I think Morel excel in the midrange and tweeters. They do not seem to offer impressive woofers.
Merlin speakers use Morel drivers and have quite a following. Morel drivers are made in Israel and in past history they actually made Dynaudio drivers. There was some sort of hostile split and Dynaudio started making them on their own.
Morels tweeters are much better than their woofer offerings. Morel woofers are O.K., but they are not as good as the similarly priced Scanspeak and Vifa carbon fiber woofers. The Morel MDT33 tweeter on the otherhand, is an absolute worlclass driver that in my opinion ,is a leading contender as the absolute best sounding tweeter at its price point bar none.
Thanks guys for the comments.