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Morel Drivers and Tweeter Opions?
Thanks guys for the comments. 
DC-1 Vs. Proceed AVP
Thanks guys for all your help and comments. This has been a very informative and learning experience. Rick 
Pioneer DV 05 Mods and Tweaks
Thanks to all you guys for the suggestions so far. Rick 
Pioneer DV 05 Mods and Tweaks
Thanks HDM for your reply, I am going to try both, I think I will go ahead and use a chasis mount male connector instead of the adapter from HT though, this should make for a stronger connection by going direct instead of through an adapter, at le... 
Speaker Cable Suggestions?
GMkowal if you will re-read my post I stated that it improved the soundstage while losing, repeat losing a bit of imaging not improving image as you said in your post. 
Speaker Cable Suggestions?
Hi back at you Hiflyer and thanks for the post. I now have about 70-80 hrs. on the evo and it gets better everyday. Today I put a 12 inch bike tube under and mdf board and sat the evo on it, man what a difference. It really opened up the soundstag... 
Bel Canto EVo owners, need advice?
Monitor4 and Hiflyer thank you for your response and let me respond to you. The power cord (HT Proac 11) seemed to tighten base response and enlarge the sound stage somewhat. I don't think the cones actually made that much difference, its probably... 
Bryston 4B ST Opinions Needed Please
My thanks to all for your comments, you have confirmed what I thought about Bryston. I wish all a very Merry Christmas and safe holiday season. Rick 
Sonic Frontier Power 3 Monos Advice
Thanks a bunch guys. Rick 
Pioneer PD65 Power Cord Modification
Marcy thanks a lot for the reply. I'm gonna give a try. Rick 
PD 65 Pioneer Power Cord Modification
Thanks Sparky for the detailed response, I think i will give it a try. Rick 
Interconnect for Vandy Sub and x-over?
Thestryder thank you for your reply, I will call Richard. Rick 
CD Recorder Advice - Please!
Thanks to all who have responded. You have really helped me out here. Rick