Opions on upgrade path

So, I have taken to the forms to get some opinions, and I suspect by my questioning will be fast but here goes.I currently have a Macintosh Mc207 amplifier, MPC1500, MVP891  an MX150 processor, Oppo 105d , VPI scout ( ortofon bronze and Gram slee Gram Amp 2 SE, speakers Harbeth 30.1 and a pair or SVS sb16's.I spend my time 50/50 between music and tv/movies but prefer preference be given to music over tv/movies thus the reason for the question.What upgrade path would you take?I am considering adding a c47 or c52 preamp to the fold. Both these units have a mm and mc phono stage which I dont know would better what I have. If it would be better then the Gram Slee then that is a plus and I can use my denon Mc cartridge as well. ( I currently prefer the Gram Slee over the MX150 phono stage.)The DAC is what I think I really need to consider. I use the Oppo 105d to play my NAS library of flac and some hi res files but I'm really underwhelmed by its performance. Most recordings has that digital ( bright ) sound that im looking to correct - if possible. Would the DAC in the c47/c52 help fix that problem. I haven't ventured into the world of streaming yet maybe only because I cant quite warm up to the sound of digital ( no pun intended ) Im sure that if the sound wold more anolgue or similar to a vinyl experience I would jump 2 feet into streaming and "maybe" never look back but I still have over 1k records.
Should I consider a stand alone dac with a stand alone streamer or a unit like a Lumin D2 to address my digital front end or would the oppo as a transport and the dac in the c47/c52 improve on what I currently have. ( I find the dac similar in the mx150 to the oppo 105d with the slight edge going to the oppo )In closing I feel that IF the c 47/c52 would improve on  several areas ( phono premap , Dac and overall better music reproduction being a straight  channel pre ) that is an economical way to start to upgrade path??
There is my dilemma at the moment ( third world problems, I now :)
Special thanks to the folks who may be able to comment on the c47/c52 from personal hands on knowledge.

Well, your description of sound quality is kind of what I remember of McIntosh sound.  Always a little bright / hard.

Can you be convinced to try another pre?
Hi, I'm open to suggestions. Ive thought about tubes but the warm up period always kept me away.Home theatre pass through is a must.Ive considered a prima luna pre as it does check a few boxes however it still leaves me the need to buy at minimum a dac and possible streamer.
A Mac front end can easily give you a better result than the 105d, if you do not need more Input / Output, then the c47 would be great.

I used an Oppo 105 for about five years. I too was slightly "underwhelmed" ( picked up a Rega DAC which helped). Oddly, when I moved to another house, The Oppo opened up and sounded fantastic -really good! Then, the 205 came out and the 105 was history. Just saying the 105 may need 5 years of break in.
mhdt atlantis or metrum amethyst dac, with a cullen or wireworld 1.5m rca digital cable

will take care of that digit-itis