tube pre amp for my system opions pls

hi every one .
i look for tube pre amp for my system : i have devore fidelity nines (91db) and i purchase 2 digital monoblocks of nuforce 9 v2 ref. and now i looking for good preamp need to be tubes preamp.
i have budget of 1000-2000$. i have few option :
1. EAR 834L
i really dont no what will sound good with my digital nuforce monoblocks ,and the problem i cant test it in my home because the dealer not give me to hear
any suggestion pls ?? i really need good suggestions to my nuforce that will sound more big and hot and open big stage

thanks alot i hope to hear from u soon
Check out Quicksilver Audio. Makes two in your price range.I like the non remote one that uses 12ax7 tubes.
The Manley would be my choice. It is very enjoyable to listen to connected to my W4S amp. The Shrimp is a good looking pre. The controls have a nice feel and the volume is not stepped. The image is life size, not minature, and plenty of tonal contrast. It is more extroverted than polite and that seems to be what you are looking for.
ok i understand that the MANLEY IS better comb for my NUFORCE monoblocks.
in my country israel people say that that the ear 834L is the best preamp for is price and more this is the logo of the company (I REALLY DONT KNOW IF ITS TRUE AND THE POPULAR OPNION).
so i will be glad to more opnions about the comb for my nuforce.
and what will be the PERFECT COMB for my nuforce monoblocks
if we take the fact that my speakers is "devore nines" that speakers love tubes sound. what will be the best result for them

and THANKS ALOT for the response ,pls i wanna hear more and more option and opinions
In that price range I'd suggest checking out the Eastern Electric M88. It's a very neutral and balanced amp ... well built, and Bill at Morningstar will give you fantastic support if you ever need it.