What are your opions on monster power amp.

Hi, just got a new job at an electronic store. And i'm looking to get the monster amp becasue I have a huge discount on them. I was wondering are they any good? How are they compare to the rotel and anthem? Please let me know any feedback would be helpful.
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Hello, The monster amps are ok but not as good as Rotel in terms of sound quality. The Anthem is real harsh and grainy. It uses way too much feedback just like Sonic Fronteirs did before Paradigm purchased the company. Are those the 3 amps you can get? What is in the rest of the system?
They are similar (may be the same?) as the Marsh designs which have received several good reviews. Richard Marsh designed these. Check the archives related to Marsh. The general perception is that they are good and that the pre-amp is better than the amp. Rotel and anthem are also very good. If you are doing just two channel the Marsh will better the Rotel. Do not know about the Anthem. Phil Brady.
Hello again, I did not know that Marsh designed the Monster amps. My opinion came from my installers who said it was just ok. I have more respect for Monster if it is designed by Marsh. My feelings on Anthem are unchanged and I do have first hand exposure to several Anthem amps.
Thank you for the advices. My current system is Martin Logan ascent, Krell HTS, Krell kav/250a. The reason Im looking to get the monster amp because I decided to go to surround sound. I'm thinking to get the monster amp to power the Martin Logan rear, center, and the sub, since I can get the amp for 60% off. Do you think the monster amp should have enought to power those speaker?
Hello again. Yes it will have enough power. I would suggest a different amp for your front speakers even if it is cheaper as Krell is a bad match with Martin Logan. Martin Logan's sound 10 times better with tubes. If you are afraid of tubes the solid state amps that work allot better is Essence, Parasound, Classe, Symphonic Line, Gryphon, or NRG. These companies may offer employee accommodations e\just for being in the business.
Here's a thread on another site asking about this as well. Scroll down almost halfway to a quote from esappy where he quotes from review from Widescreen Review last year.