Monitor speakers for Ayon Triton

I am looking to switch my Totem Model 1 Signature speakers with something more efficient to pair with the Ayon Triton. The problem is I need something in the $2,000 price range which is the same size, give or take a few inches, a the Totem Model 1. I don't care if they're used. I really think the Totem's need even more power than the 80 watts the Triton produces in Pentode. On high volume levels the bass is not defined and the treble is too sharp. Any suggestions?
Fritz Carbon 7's are great. I have heard many people say that they think they are the best Monitors under $4000. They may need more power too though. You can call the owner of the company (just look under ads for speakers) and he is very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. He will honestly tell you whether his speakers have what you are looking for or not and if they will match with your amp. Good luck:-)
Once you set a size limit on speakers, you'll be trading off bass extension vs efficiency. If you want something significantly more efficient without giving up bass extension, you'll need speakers with a significantly bigger enclosure.

I second the Fritz Carbon 7s. You get to do an in home audition. They are certainly worth a try and you can always send back if they are not your cup of tea.
Reference 3A De Capo, great bass for a stand mount
Acoustic Zen Crescendos, the best match for the Triton, I have been working pay the credit cards, but every night i worked on the ICu and i come home exhausted and turn my system, all i say worthy overall....

I auditioned many ou there, go for the adaggio if you cant get the crescendos,

good luck,
The Coincident Technology Triumph Extreme's are excellent monitors. Like all Coincident speakers, they are very easy to drive and they sound great, particularly if your source components are great.

I have bought 5 of them to use in my home theatre set-up and couldn't be happier. What is also great about these speakers is that Coincident also makes a passive subwoofer that acts as a stand for them. So I bought 2 subwoofers for the front two channels and then bought Coincident's 3 custom stands for the remaining speakers. This has worked out extraordinarily.

Proac Response D Two.. Proac's love tubes.