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New Audio Mirror Troubadour Dac 1V
I’ve got it in my system now for the last three months and it sounds great. Mine was upgraded from the DAC III, so I can’t A/B the two.  I have little desire to upgrade to anything else now.   
Class-D Audio USA have just released their new GaN amp at the CES
Not sure if any of you ever followed up and purchased one of these Gan Amps from Class D but I did and it sure is a nice amp.  I have the latest monoblocks  arriving soon from Class D also and am excited.   The now $750 stereo amp is quite the val... 
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
Spatial X-3’s. Check out the New Day Records YouTube channel for his review using the Hegel.   
Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?
Just found this thread and trust the ears of the big dawgs here. @grannyring @sebrof just ordered an Innuos  I’ll keep following. Thanks in advance.   
Zu Soul Supreme Recap -- Owners, what are your preferred system pairings with them?
I’d go with the used Druid V’s on the USAudio Mart.  I’ve owned them and they are pretty nice. I’ve also owned Def MKIV and preferred the Druids. I have not had a chance to hear the Soul Supremes however.  
Carver Crimson 275 tube amp
Did anyone ever directly compare the carver 275 to the don Sachs Kootenay KT88?    
Spatial Audio X3 Open Baffle Loudspeakers
Does anyone does anyone know the cap sizes in the X-3 or x-5's?   
Review: Linear Tube Audio (LTA) "Ultralinear" Amplifier
Thanks @lancelock That is great info. And thanks @ntolsonCan either of you also compare the ZOTL10 to the Ultralinear?I am likely to be driving either Tekton Electron SE's or Spatial M5's, so I do not need a lot of watts necessarily, though I know... 
Review: Linear Tube Audio (LTA) "Ultralinear" Amplifier
Can any of you compare the UL to the Zotl 40 and/or Zotl 10?  I'm driving HIgh Efficency speakers and have owned a Berning amp in the past and loved it.  I'm intrigued by the reviews and know one of these amps is what I'm looking for and wanted to... 
Tekton Double Impacts
What are y'alls consensus too Pre, Amp, and Dac synergy choices with the DI SE's?  Feel free to chime in with what you appreciated the most in the combo.  
Looking for new amp for Tekton Electron SE
@adam8179 what did you decide?  What's the rest of your system? 
Tekton Design Electron SE
My SE's are on order and should be delivered within a week or so.   Any others wanna share what amps/pre/Dacs that you're using with your Electrons or DI SE's as I'm sure they are similar as far as system synergy goes.   At the moment I have a Che... 
Looking for new amp for Tekton Electron SE
In the past I paired Pendragons with A Decware Torii with great results. I have Electrons on order and am interested in this topic as well.   I think the Linear tube audio would be the best choice if you have the $$$.  I've owned a Berning Amp in ... 
Tekton Design Electron SE
Hey guys.  I have a new pair of Electrons being built and have two questions:1. Is the SE upgrade significant?   If so, can anyone who has heard electrons with and without the SE upgrade comment?  No need for anyone else to give me their speculati... 
The Six review on the Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC just went up
Thanks guys.  Quick question:  what output are you using for the Orchid?  Is it optimized for one vs another? I've typically used USB outputs for my MHDT Canary Dac and I have an Orchid on the way and I'm considering using the orchid with a Lyngdo...