money AND time. How do I get both?

I work 82 hours a week. I have plenty of money for equipment but no time to listen to it. Through transcendental meditation I attempt to listen to my best music from work but this method just does not reproduce bass accurately. What do I do now?
Geez and I complain about my 68 hour weeks, that must really suck! I don't think I can help you, but I don't feel sorry for myself any more.
Put together a great office system and listen to tunes while ya work
Work now, play later ;^)
I feel very sorry for you Griswold, I have been there myself. Not much in life to enjoy when your slaveing away your life for what can be taken from you tomorrow.
Take a bit of time and figure what is most important in life. You know, things like family, friends, freedom from the MAN who wants to own your ass. Peace of mind, all the money in the world can't buy that. I hope you can find peace of mind. Ain't no price tag can be put on that.
I wish you much success in finding out what is of most value to you.
Only 82 hrs a week? I used to work over 100 a week while I had my own business. (10 years) I sold it & started working for someone else. Within a year I was back up to 70 hrs. I injured myself on the job (Scapholunate ligament tear)& have been sitting home for a month now. I like it. Figure out what is more important to you. Work or home. When I go back full time I'm dropping my other job. 45 hrs. a week is plenty. I want to have & enjoy my time, not just get rested up to go back to work.

A friend sent me an email awhile back & it went something like this: Stick your hand in a 5 gallon bucket of water. Ease it in, punch it in-whatever. Now pull it out. Do it nice & easy or make a big splash. When the water settles look at the hole you left. That's how much you'll be missed at work.
That's 12 hours a day 7 days week. That is also ridiculous.

I don't know what your definition of "plenty of money" is, but there is not enough money in the world to make me work that much. Life is too short. There is too much to do.
we all need something that makes money and requires very little of our time. Sound perfect doesn't it ? I actually know a man that owns several restaurants and he actually works very little and makes in the range of 50K per month !!!
Isn't that one of life's ironies? I remember having all the time in the world to stare at gear in the store with absolutely no way to obtain it. Now, coming up with the money is very realistic, but time is scarce. I guess the "promise" is that someday you'll have both, but I'll tell you, for me, I'm not counting on that. There are too many possible responsibilities that can come our way - parents needing care, friends in trouble, working for the next Enron, etc.

You don't mention why you work 82 hours a week, but balance is the key, and if you really work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and have plenty of money, there's something else to the equation. Most jobs that allow for "plenty of money" are either / or propositions - you sprint until you can't take it anymore, presumably with the possibility that you won't have to take it anymore a lot earlier in life than 65. You're running down the track and the train is coming behind you - you can jump off any time you want, but the train will pass you by.

Anyway, you probably know the answer already - you'll never find the time if you work 82 hours a week. As suggested, get a really good office system and listen while you work, if that's possible. Listen in the car, as you do. Save your money for expensive home gear until you can really use it. -Kirk

Thanks for your input everybody. I like my job but miss my wife and the 4 hour listening sessions in front of the hifi in the evening. Occasionally the dog (Toby) and I will soak up some Bela Fleck or Keb Mo for an hour in the morning or even some Type O Negative if I really want to scare the neighbours but this is not sufficient. I was hoping for maybe a secret Harry Potter store that sold watches with an extra 9 or so hours on them.(of course we would not age during the additional hours). Just think of me next time your melting into your easy chair with your favorite "relaxor" in your hand listening to good music. This may get me by for now.
Your name is Brian and you like Type O Negative and hi-fi, and you work too much. Are you the future me? If you are a doctor, then this is the Twilight Zone. Take care of yourself.
Hmm.. Well, lots of understanding people here. I don't know if this helps, but..

I was in the same boat; 80-100 hours a week, very consistently, and paid well by the hour. Money was never a problem, but there was never any time to spend it. I wasn't buying high-end gear back then, though.

So now I work half as many hours and for half the pay and I have to be much more careful with my money. Even though I am much less able to afford it now and I really have to save for months to buy a nice component, I appreciate it much more. I am also much more careful with my purchases, and in researching and auditioning new components I find I've learned quite a bit.

I don't regret buying back all that time. Music is good for the soul; work and money aren't. And I'm not even supposed to be old enough to know the difference yet.