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money AND time. How do I get both?
we all need something that makes money and requires very little of our time. Sound perfect doesn't it ? I actually know a man that owns several restaurants and he actually works very little and makes in the range of 50K per month !!! 
Plasma Screens vs. Sony Grand Wega tri-LCD?
I don't know for a fact, I'm just relaying the info it was given to me. Plasma's will last for long as you are gentle with them and don't move them around. 
Removal of acoustic popcorn ceiling?
Get rid of it !! You and your wife will be happy. 
Could you tell me about the accoustic satori
How do you feel about the sound you are getting now? Is it a little bright in the area of 3K to 5K ? If so pick the Cardas, if not pick the Satori. I'm a dealer for Acoutic Zen and I can say they are very clean and fast and resolving. The Cardas o... 
Electrostats Shootout at 4000 Corral
I heard the Innersound speakers and amps at CES this year...........One of the best sounds at the show. Giving alot of thought to becoming a Innersound dealer. Great sounding products. 
Re thinking my system; where to start?
Try a passive preamp 
Need Golden Tube amp repaired
The manufactures list on this web site shows a name and phone number for Golden Tube, you might try it. 
Ricky Skaggs.....Bluegrass Rules !!!!As he says...Country Rocks, but Bluegrass Rules !!! 
Audio Magic Sorcerer IC's... Any help?
If they haven't been used in a while they will need to burn in for a week or two before they open up. 
Most "Musical" speakers
Call Bob Gross at Speaker Art. Use the manufactures search engine on this site to get his phone number. 
Does anyone answer e-mail? Hello?
Vdub, give us another chance, I always answer my emails and I must say I have had better luck than 2 out of 13. Keep trying. 
Revel B-15 or REL Stadium III
I have not experience with the REL but the Revel B-15 is a fantastic product, I will say that I'm not even a dealer for them. The local Revel dealer tells me the B-15 is better than the Ultima sub !! 
Sony SACD XA777ES vs. old 777 vs. a good dac?
The latest issue of The Absolute Sound said the new 777 is good but the complete review won't be out until next time. I would also like to know the same things. 
Who is the dealer in Canada selling Sony SACD so cheap?
No, just looking to find one for a good customer at a good price. Thanks. 
GR Research
I can't remember which model I heard, a floor standing unit, but I can say they were very bright and unforgiving