Modern Tannoy, are they good?

BTW, kinda interested in the Modern Tannoy vs Modern JBL... Thanks guys.
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That's a great question.  I would guess that the answer is No, when compared to their vintage counterparts.  I have heard some vintage JBL horn systems that were outstanding.  The newer JBL, isn't really JBL.  It's a Harman company now isn't it?  That would be like the new Altecs I seen a few years ago.  What a joke, and made in China. 

I think if you're looking for vintage original horn systems with heritage, then Klipsch is the only game left, and that's not a bad thing at all.  Their are several Klipsch models that I could live with.

Modern Tannoy is true to their heritage and still can sound amazing depending on the price point and equipment used.  I've recently purchased some of their low budget stuff, entry level dual concentric 6 " driver based floor standers.  These speakers retailed for about $1200, so nothing crazy.  
The sound is clearly quite good for the price point.  I bought these because a few years ago I bought a pair of their smallest concentric driver bookshelf speaker.  It was an impulse buy and I put them in the bedroom system which was seldom used.

Fast forward a couple of years, when I started buying used speakers as some kind of strange hobby.  One day I thought of the small Tannoys(Revolution DC4) and thought I'd compare them to a few pairs I had from Paradigm, Polk, and Mirage.  These little fellas blew every single set of speakers away.  I was seriously impressed, and it was the reason I stopped buying old speakers, and I have sold off most of them.

Tannoy still knows how to build a good speaker.  
Isn't Tannoy about to close?  :(  Not that it makes any difference to the quality of their speakers, I am just sad to see another great British brand go away.

B&W got purchased by a Silicon Valley start-up. Expect to see more thermostats with stereo speakers built in.
No, Tannoy is not about to close.  They closed their factory in Scotland(?) as they've moved more production to China, which is a shame.  It's because most of us in the West seem to have no reservations about propping up nasty dictators as long as we can save some coin, and it's now to a point that if you want electronics you almost have no choice.
I heard some of the new Tannoys with Cary 211fe amps. Astoundingly good. I would much rather keep some blue collar Scots at work than line the pockets of some communist, money laundering billionaires so they can buy more rhino horn and donkey fur. Just my opinion.