Tannoy Monitor Gold, Red series value$appreciation

Many people say that the Golds and Reds are must haves for any Tannoy fans. Not only because they sound good, but also due to limited quantity available on the market, their values would go up day by day. Past data on price trend is hard to come by, I would like to ask how fast is the value goes up,preferably with a figure saying an approx. rate of increase in annual term.

Thank you.
About 25 years ago I sold a pair of 15 inch Tannoy Reds, in cabinets that were not particularly special (and with one of the cabinets being somewhat damaged), for $1500. If I hadn't priced them for quick sale to someone local, I suspect I could have gotten $2K. I believe they would go for around $6K today, which corresponds to an appreciation of approximately 5% per year.

As the financial industry people like to say, however, "past performance is not a guarantee of future results."

-- Al
Silvers, Reds, Golds, and HPDs are all extremely good speakers. While I can't quantify at what rate they are appreciating, their value keeps climbing.

Just go to Ebay and see what drivers and crossovers are going for. Astonishing, in some cases.

A word of caution using Ebay as a guide. You should put certain drivers of interest to you on a watch list. The asking price is frequently not in line with the prevailing demand. On a watch list you will see what it sold for- if it sold at all. Early cabinets were frequently not professionally made and can be a relatively unimportant element in buying a pair.
Also the yellow (I own a very late pair) are not as valuable as the earlier Red, Black and Silver. My Yellows really need a super tweeter, and are not a primo pair. Try to get that X-over it is very important.