Tube Amps for Tannoy Churchill

What tube amps/Integrated would you recommend to drive Tannoy Speakers?
Thanks for your feedback
Jadis sounds wonderful with those.

I used a mastersound 300b and a pair of YBA amps. The 300b was sweeter the YBA better drive. Not churchhills but used the same 15in driver. Tannoy dmt215 Also used a pair of Audio Valve chalenger mono tube amps. These where the better match though the Mastersound did great in smaller spaces and was very musical.
I would use McIntosh tube amplifiers with these beasts...
Manley is a good match.
Thanks for your words. I found a pair of Jadis. It sounds so sweet.
With my Tannoy GRF Memory TW speakers I'm using the KR Audio 340 Integrated Amplifier with the 300BXLS tubes. Hard to beat and certainly worth a listen