Just curious, if BEST, why so many for for sale? Audiogon has at least 20% MIT cable products, for sale. AudioAdvisor, out of 35 cable products, 29 are MIT. USEDCABLE 30% are MIT out of ALL Cable names.And all for 50% or more. Any comments about MIT company. "Scam artist" or real Inventors? And if you are in favor of MIT cables. Why? If you sold them? Why?
Definitely not a "scam", Dragan. There are so many for sale, because so many people have them, and are likely upgrading (or, in the case of the T series, are being replaced by a more expensive T series). I've told you at least a hundred times why I like them, so I guess you want to hear from others as to "why". Dragan....or DRAG? heh heh heh...
I'll tell you a couple of facts, then my opinion. Fact: When MIT attends trade shows where they are trying to get new dealers, they have a sign up with 3 reasons one should carry their products. The first reason is PROFIT. A local electrician took apart one of their $250 interconnects and there was $10-$15 in parts cost (not including connectors). According to 'industry-insiders,' the only company that has a lower parts cost ratio is NBS. My opinion: there are far better cables available at far less cost. People are probably getting strong-armed into MIT by their dealers (wanting to gobble up that profit), and folks are figuring out they aren't very good. That happened to me a few yrs ago; what I thought was a reputable dealer 'highly recommended' the MIT to me & I bought into it. I sold them at a significant loss, and no longer frequent the dealer.
MIT is a scam.Most of the cables they sell can be bought in bulk 1000 foot spools for cents per foot.I have a Coincident Speaker Tech CST 1 interconnect.It sells for 299.00.It will make the most expensive MIT cable sound like the garbagre it is.Not their 300.00 their most expensive + 1000.00.Any fool who has bought this should listen to some other stuff and shoot the dealer who sucked them into buying this. There are the so called Audiophiles out there who have more money than brains.To them the hobby is about bragging how much they spent on gear.Listen with your ears.
In my opinion MIT has great products - I've used them off and on for almost 10 years. In fact, their latest series of cables the T's, series plus 3's, and shotguns are the best from them yet. I am using shotgun IC's and 750 plus 3 speaker cables and they are the best I've had in my system. As far as profit - what high end company doesn't have long margins? Take apart some other components and I guarantee you will be amazed and wonder why this preamp, wire or speaker is worth 5K. But if you like the sound then get out your checkbook. Also, there are other ways for suppliers and dealers to make profit on a line like "sales incentives" that has nothing to do with cost - markup ratio. Make no mistake - plenty of profit is being made, but so what. Thats why it is so important to do your homework before shopping and trust your ears, not salespeople and not consumers like the ones on this site.
I have mixed thougths on MIT. I've used two of their products and both malfunctioned due, IMHO, to poor construction. However, sonically both cables were of very high quality. Cables are a tremendous profit center for both manufacturers and dealers. Forgive me for preaching, but most audiophiles spend way to much of their system's budget on cales. By the way, it's my understaning that most cables are customized rebrands of OEM product. But then again, I really don't see anything wrong with that. By comparison most loudspeaker companies don't actually make their own drivers.
Soupcon and Tm12 are so smug. I guess I must not be listening with my ears, then. Nordost has a far higher profit margin than MIT...
Listen for yourself !!I have the latest High End Series Shotgun Cables in my 22k system and my 2 critical hifi buddies and I love them.What the MIT bashers dont tell you is that MIT has a 30 day money back guaranty in case they do not satisfy in a particular system. I believe that Audio Advisor also has the same policy on the closeouts as they come with warranty cards.
Please Please stop the talk of the cheap parts inside something. Under that logic, the cost of the raw material in a Lexus or Mercedes is not much different than a Chevy, so the Lexus or Mercedes must be a rip off.
Look the profit margin on the parts alone has nothing to do with it at all. In MIT's case they have spent millions of dollars on research so they have to and can charge more because they own the patents to the great sound there wire puts out. With all that being said I use their interconnects but no longer feel the need to shell out the bucks for expensive speaker wire since I found that a solid core 14 gauge from home depot ($6 for 25') works way better than $3800 wire. I'm not kidding either. It actually sounds better. Yeah it's really really stiff though.
I used the new MIT 750 Shotgun Biwire speaker cable last year. It was MUCH better than the considerably cheaper Kimber 4TC I previously used and MUCH better than the more competitively priced double run of Audioquest Midnight I was comparing it with. I sold it (along with a few other comp. to pay for my wedding) and missed it dearly. MIT is not a scam product. I don't know if the parts quality in the "network" is low, nor do I really care. If it sounds better (which it did in my system) then it is better (in my system!). For the MIT naysayers, just try it in your system and if it doesn't do it for you, then move on to the next cable.
Sugarbrie; if you don't think my BMW has better parts quality than a Chevy, I've got some beach property in Ohio to sell you. I disagree with the premise that parts quality has nothing to do with a product. However, I do agree that someone, somewhere, could probably make some decent sounding amp with parts from Home Depot. But it certainly wouldn't be easy and I don't think it's done very often. Parts quality means a lot to me, although it is very difficult to know what you're getting with cables. And Carl, I'm best friends with the biggest Nordost dealer in the US, and the margins on those are nowhere near what they are w/ the MIT. Listen, if you folks like the sound of MIT, keep them; I'm not saying you're wrong. I merely pointed out facts and my opinion. Just curious: It doesn't bother anyone that the number one reason a dealer shd carry mit is profit?
No Soupcon, what better incentive! If I was a dealer and the hook was carry my line because the profits are thinner than the competition then what do you think I would do. The deal closer IMO with MIT is bigger profits and great performance. I work for a supplier/manufacturer in a different industry and I spend every day trying to become more profitable as does my distributor as does the retailer at the end of the chain and the hook is - push my brands because of increased margins for you, and like MIT they happen to be quality brands. Why should the high end electronic industry be any different.
Soupcon, e-mail me your facts abut profit margins, invoices, etc., and then that'll help your case with me. And don't pretned you've heard all of MIT's cable, because you haven't. I doubt you've heard the ones I have. They don't all perform the same.
How stupid! the only reason a dealer is a dealer is for profit. Why else would he put up with hearing everones stupid opinion,if their wasn't money in it. Mit cables sound great, they just aren't in fashion anymore and that's good for us. That means we can get a deal. don't listen to those 2 dorks. They don't know their hole from an ass on the ground!
I concur, and it is always good to get the max gain, before overload/clipping, anyway.
Above are good examples of why I reluctantly participate in these chat discussions; people just don't know how to communicate effectively and intelligently. All too often, it becomes an exercise in bashing someone else, for no apparent reason. I'll leave the 'chatting' (if one can call it that) for others.
Pardon me but all this dealer bashing is nonsence and has nothing to do with advising someone with an honest question. Without profits this business would not exsist. And I can tell you from experience that it is very hard to make a living selling audio. Try some out yourself and see if you like the sound,I sold everything to make a profit,but I also sold products that I belived in. I sold MIT because I know that they sound good.