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Best digital cable regardless of
I tried the mc2, the kimber d60, nordost silver something, and the top line xlo. Guess I should've included that somewhere in my post. The az is very good, especially for the money, but I feel the nirvana is a step above it. Your mileage may vary.... 
MIT dig/HT magic/Illumination?nirvana?
I've been auditioning digital cables and have listened to all the ones you mention except for the HT. Additionally, the Acoustic Zen mc2, and the Nordost silver shadow, have also been auditioned. The Nirvana has been the clear winner, with the d60... 
Best digital cable regardless of
my wife had already weighed in on that one . . . negatively, of course 
Assemblage 3.1 or MSB platinum
I guess I should've asked if either of you have had the chance to hear the d2d-1. If not, what are your thoughts? 
Assemblage 3.1 or MSB platinum
Thanks guys. Guess I'm going to order myself a 3.1 platinum. Did you feel the d2d-1 was a substantial upgrade? My understanding is that it doesn't actually re-dither to a 24 bit word length, because it doesn't have dsp. 
Keeping cables off the floor
Interesting stuff; I'm auditioning some cables that a guy out in OR is making. He uses cotton as insulation. He's a science guru, and he says that the problem with laying cables on the floor stems from the fact that the cable insulation (teflon et... 
Reviewing the Reviewers
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I figured all this out for myself a few years ago, but to have it confirmed is nice. Fremer's letter is, without a doubt, very informative. 
Inner Sound Eros Experiences
Plato -- This is not meant to discourage you from liking your innersound spkrs, but if you're serious abt wanting a better spkr with a wider 'sweet spot' and all around superior spkr, try the merlin vsm-m. I directly compared them to the innersoun... 
Inner Sound Eros Experiences
I was also thinking of purchasing a pair & listened to them at a dealer. Unfortunately, wtam's experience was the exact same as mine. They sounded awful. Also, the construction, especially of the bass section, was shoddy to say the least. Ther... 
WOW, check out these Stereo Systems.
Awesome site. Thanks. 
Class Action Suit against UPS?
Trust me, Fedex is no better. I've had to fight with them twice now, and they've denied the second claim, even though the inspector wrote in his report that it was clearly the fault of fedex. Just want everyone to know that fedex is no better than... 
47 Labs Gaincard
I have the Bartha amp & it is based on a concept similar to the 47 labs; had a chance to listen to a 47 for a couple of weeks, and Bartha's amp obliterates it. One of the other great things about getting his amp, you can pick the connectors yo... 
Spectral Phono Section vs. External one!
You may want to chk with your dealer; I don't believe spectral gear is spec'd to be used with tube gear. I owned some spectral monoblocks in the past, and was told by my dealer (progressive audio) that a tube linestage wouldn't work with them. Not... 
Has anyone compared the MSB DAC's
I bought a dac iii (w/ upsample chip) and wasn't particularly blown away by it. Had a chance to hear the full nelson mod on someone else's and didn't think much of that. Sent mine to Andy Bartha for him to mod it and bought his power supply and hi... 
LAMM ML2 with Wilson Watt Puppy 6.0
Check out the review of the watt/p 6es on the current; he uses them with your amps.