MHDT Paradesea Repair? New Tube?

I have a MHDT Paradesea+ DAC. I stopped working the other day. I tried another DAC and it worked fine. When i plug in the Paradesea i can hear a VERY faint sounds coming out of the speakers. I tried going USB, go. Could it be the tube died? If not, does anybody repair these things? Is it worth it?
First thing, replace the tube with another which seems quite likely based on what you are hearing. Tubes can get noisy over time. I do believe the Paradesea uses the same buffer tube as the Havana 5670, 2C51, 396A type.
is there a wary to test a tube? Should i just buy a really cheap tube to see if it works first?
The ideal is to find a tube that has been reliably tested. You shouldn't have to spend too much for one of the above tubes.
If you post your location, there might be a member nearby w a tester. I'm in the Hartford CT area and might be able to help if you are near there.
Most likely the 5670 tube. Always good to have a spare to test with when needed.

paradisea sound changes radically with different tubes so tube rolling with paradisea is a worthwhile exercise in of itself.
Sounds like fun. Good to see you guys all on here after so long of an absence. I remember you guys when I was into this in the early 2000s .i've got little kids now so there's always a possibility to that they spilled something into it that's why I'm a little nervous. Maybe if you guys have a tester I can mail this one to you and just tell me if it's good or bad before I buy a $75 tube!
Why would you sweat a 75.00 tube? Even if it's not the problem, if you keep the DAC you will eventually need to replace it.

BTW, have owned the Havana for ~3.5 yrs. and have replaced the tube once already. It is an excellent sounding DAC.

I'll check to see if I have settings for the tube and will pm if I do.

The problem with a noisy tube is that it may test well but still be noisy. I have a Hickock tube tester. While it performs several important tests it doesn't test for noise. Buying from a reliable tube vendor, Andy of Vintage Tube Services immediately comes to mind, is a good way to go if you call him and talk to him and tell him what's going on. In addition to being a tube merchant he is extremely knowledgable in general and can possibly give you greater insight into other possible causes and the MOST probable cause. If you are on a budget and just want to get the unit up and running the FIRST thing I would do is to buy a CHEAP reliably tested tube from a guy like Andy to see if it IS the tube. After the problem is resolved THEN you can consider different tubes which DO make a difference in the MHDT DACs. Hope this helps you going forward.
Ok, called Andy at tube services. He said if the tube is fully lighting up it's not the tube. So, i took it up and sure enough the tube is lighting up. Looks like it is something else. Will look into either repairing it or replacing. Thanks for the info guys!
I am really questioning what he told you. Just because a tube is lighting up doesn't mean it isn't introducing noise. I KNOW this is true because I've experienced this myself, several times. I trust Andy completely but I am at a loss as to why he told you this where in several of my experiences it just ain't so. I would try another tube. It MAY not be the tube but at least you could eliminate the doubt one way or another.
You can buy a 5670 at the tube for $4.95 NOS I kid you not.
Update.. So i trucked it back to the system and fired it up... Tube lit up fine... Then i saw little light emissions over by the on/off I have an email into us distributor for repair/trade in... Might not be worth repairing it.. Will see how much it costs.
Keep us posted Streetdaddy.

Great find! For under $8 shipped i will be able to see if it's a tube issue. Will post back when i get it.
Send me your address and I will mail you a tube.
Thanks for the offer. I already ordered a tube from tube depot. You guys are so kind.
"I am really questioning what he told you. Just because a tube is lighting up doesn't mean it isn't introducing noise."

I agree with this. A tube is NOT like an incandescent light bulb. Bad output tubes will continue to glow. That tells you nothing at all.

Bbroussard, that was VERY kind of you to offer the OP a tube for free!! It's guys like you who make me proud of having this hobby!!

Just trying to help a fellow tube junkie. ;~)