Message on Behalf of Recordron

Audiogoners who read the music classifeds know of Recordron (Ron Stein), one of this site's premiere sellers of vinyl. I received an email from Ron last night informing me that he and his wife had been in an auto accident in Tampa and that, due to circumstances beyond his control, he will be temporarily "out of commission" for a while. With Ron's permission, portions of his email to me are printed below:

"Our two collecting friends were driving me and my wife to a Tampa flea market on Saturday morning when he pulled out too far into oncoming traffic and we were were hit by an oncoming car, we are guessing traveling at about 40mph, no skid marks. All things considered we are all very lucky that the results were not much worse - I sustained multiple contusions, including one on a lung. Although I got no broken bones or internal injuries, the soft tissue trauma has caused just about every muscle in my upper body to be extremely sore and weak, no upper body strength at all. I am OK while on my feet, but if I lie down I am like a fish flopping around out of water, I do not have the ability to do much with any of the muscles that would be used to prop yourself up, roll over, or sit up, and the overall soreness also prevents much lateral motion. I now know how it feels to be 90 years old and lying helpless on the floor, very humbling. The good news is that things are apparently now at
their worst, and should gradually get back to normal over the next two to three weeks. My wife sustained a broken clavicle and four broken ribs, and her recovery will be much longer. - The way we are reconstructing it is, the impact drove her into me, as her injuries are all on her left side and mine on my right. We were all taken to Tampa General, and I and my two friends were released from the emergency department (he has some back pain, his wife has a large nasty bruise on her upper right arm, which is in a sling). My wife stayed for treatment and observation until this morning, when she was released and a friend drove my car and us back here to Port St. Lucie.

Obviously I will not be able to post any AudiogoN LP listings for awhile, not only because of the physical aspects of grading and finding items out in my inventory, but also because I have to give my wife my full attention for awhile, until her considerable pain subsides and she can resume some semblance of her normal activities. I am guessing it will be at least a couple of weeks until I resume listing, I'll send you a 'heads up' e-mail just before I start to list again. Obviously I am no happier than you are about this, I do wish I had planned this trip for a weekend other than Easter, I had my doubts about that scenario for finding stuff, should have listened to my gut, it seems to be right most of the time."

Ron asked me to thank all of his regular buyers for their past business and to assure them that he will be back posting more music software classifieds on Audiogon. He does have access to email, and any well-wishers may contact him at

On a personal note, I would like to add that I have had many, many Audiogon transactions with Ron over the past few years and have always been completely satisfied with my purchases from this fine man. I wish him, his wife and his Tampa friends a speedy, full recovery.
Wishes for a speedy recovery to Ron, his wife and all of the accident victims.


Please pass along my best wishes to Ron and his wife. I've been a frequent customer of Ron's in the past and have always been impressed by the high standards of his operation.

It's always a shock when something like this happens to someone you know. I hope to see Ron well enough to start listing again very soon, as well as hoping for a fast and complete recover for his wife and friends.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
I have dealt with Ron off and on. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery for all those involved.
Hope to see you soon, back up and running.
Very best wishes on a speedy recovery to Ron and all involved!
Thank you for taking the time to inform us of the unhappy incident. May Ron, his wife, and the driver and his wife all recover quickly.
I was very shocked and sorry to hear of the accident. I immediately thought of the old Columbia 4-record set package featuring Pavarotti that I recently bought from Ron as a gift for my girlfriend. It brought her so much joy as she listened to it on my rig.

I wish Ron and his wife a speedy recovery. And I hope that during their recovery music makes their healing as comfortable as possible.

Best Regards!
All the best to Ron and company and that the change of circumstances will only deepen the already good hearts involved.
Dear Ron

I am praying for a speedy recovery of you and your wife.

Ed Geil
Riverside County Public Defender
Hope you and the Mrs. get well soon Ron.

This is being written in the early morning of Wed 4/2 - I'd like to profusely thank Bob Shaklovitz and all of the great AudiogoN'ers for your very kind and warm good wishes in this thread - The recovery from an accident has both physical and emotional components, and my wife Jackie and I deeply appreciate the sentiments expressed here. There are truly some great folks here on the AudoigoN and on the Internet!

Just as an update, I am continuing to recover from my soft tissue traumatic injuries, my range of motion and a large portion of my upper body strength have returned, but it is still hard to sleep as it is still real sore, bruised and painful in the upper right shoulder and back area that took the brunt of the impact , and I stilll cannot put pressure on those areas when I lie down. My wife is doing better and is moving around better than at first, but with four broken ribs she has to be real careful how she moves or she ends up in excruciating pain as happened today. She is going to try to go back to work on Thursday, as her job in a call center is not real strenuous and her doctor wants her to be as active as possible to speed the healing process and to prevent pneumonia.

I am hoping things will normalize enough for me to perhaps resume my AudiogoN listings by April 10th or so, depending on how things progress with both of us. I'll see everyone in the music classifieds again soon - Thanks once again for all of your very kind good wishes, it really means a lot to both of us!
Hi Ron,

I'm glad to hear that both you and your wife are on the mend. Soft tissue injuries and broken ribs both take quite awhile to heal completely.

Please keep all of us posted on how you are doing.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Best wishes to you both for a speedy recovery, Ron!