Merrill GEM Dandy PolyTable vs. Well Tempered Amadeus

I'm looking to upgrade turntables, going from vintage to modern and am looking at mid-priced options ($2000-$3500).
The two tables that keep coming up are George Merrill's GEM Dandy PolyTable (or SuperTable with 12" tonearm) and models by Well Tempered, most likely the Amadeus Mk ii. Thinking of running the Hana SL or similar on either table...

Has anyone else considered these two options and (hopefully) auditioned each? Thoughts: re: PolyTable vs. Super12? Amadeus vs. other Well Tempered models?

My setup: Odyssey Audio Kismet mono amps, Odyssey Tempest preamp (with MM/MC phono stage), Klipsch Cornwall I speakers, Anti-cables speaker wire & interconnects.

Why these two tables - both designers have embraced outside-the-box thinking rather than traditional designs on steroids, both focus on dark backgrounds, both are dampened tables; less fuss, more listening.


I bought the Super 12 Polytable from George less than a year ago and have been very pleased with it. The built quality is solid and the performance is spectacular. The external motor runs with dead quiet precision. I am using a Orotofon 2M Black, but in hindsight I probably would have opted for the Hana. No regrets with the Polytable purchase. Give George a call if you have any concerns or questions. He is a wealth of knowledge and even sent me his turntable/cartridge setup manual that he authored. A great guy!
You are certainly on the right track. Exactly what I would be considering in that price range. I own an Amadeus (mk. 1)  now, and still enjoy it in a second system. It really sings with an EMT Tsd series, and Charisma (Denon) 103. I'd also like to hear the Mo-Fi with a good MC. 
@arturos73 - I spoke with George shortly before after the original PolyTable came out and agree he's one of the good guys. I really need to hear each table, but I don't live close to dealers for either model, so in the meantime hoping to hear from those who have auditioned either or both designs.
@fjn04 - thank for mentioning the Denon 103. Definitely one I'd consider, or a modded variant. I'm also curious about the Mo-Fi Ultradeck, but thinking the PolyTable and Well Tempered have dampening that's more forgiving in my room.
If you go for the GEM Supertable, get the Jelco 12" 850/950 over the 550. It is a lot better.
@noromance - how are the Jelco 850/950 and 550 on adjusting vertical tracking angle when changing records? I'd like to be able to adjust for 90 gram vs. 180-200 gram vinyl.
@scoran You would need this VTA on the Fly unit.

noromance: Do you use purusaudio VTA OTF on a Polytable (or another table)?
@arturos73 No. I don’t as I am uncertain if the gain in changing VTA from record to record is worth it over any possible reduction in arm stability possible introduced by the mechanism. However, I believe the manufacturer has made improvements to the original to ensure rigidity. That being said, the 850L is a fine performer. I do not use it in a GEM table. I did buy my 850 from Merrill.