Gyrodec vs Well Tempered Amadeus

I presently own a MKII version of the Gyrodec bought as a demo unit in 1990 with RB300 tonearm upgraded with Techno Weight. The only mods to the Gyrodec are new two piece towers, nylon spacers for arm board and black tak under the skeleton. I use a Blackbird cartridge.

My question is, would a WT Amadeus sound better than what I already have using the same cartridge. Or would i be better off fully upgrading the Gyrodec with new DC motor, plater bearing and Graham 2.2 tonearm?

Upgrade cost about $1500 plus about $1500 for used Graham arm. So about same price as a new WT Amadeus.

I think changing your tonearm will make a very significant difference. I upgraded from a Rega to a Basis Vector tonearm and the difference was a significant improvement to my sound. It was difficult to believe changing the tonearm could make that much difference.
i doubt it.
upgrading gyrodec will bring you more success.

Can you give us an idea of why you think that will be the case? Have you heard both tables?

I can't comment on the Gyrodec, never having heard one. I did have an Amadeus and quite liked it. But based on my experience thus far with turntables, I'd be wary about statements about across the board "better." To the OP, in what areas of sound reproduction would you most like to hear improvements?
i own same and would not want to change its signature sound. autidioning other tables often brings me back to what i own and upgrade it so will probably to OP.
I agree that if you are upgrading the Gyrodec, then I'd upgrade a tonearm first. Another option might be something like an Audiomods arm.

But if possible, as always, I'd recommend auditioning both if possible. The Amadeus has a very strong following, with some folks preferring it to a VPI Classic for instance.

Any chance you'd be able to get an audition?
I live in the Los Angeles area, anybody know where I could audition a WT Amadeus? Any volunteers?
If your considering the Amadeus just remember they are built by Opera Audio in China. For the near cost of the Amadeus you could look into the Opera Audio Consonance Flagship-Droplet LP 5.0mk2.
For the WTA, call Mike Pranka at Dynavector USA. He can tell you if there is a dealer in the area.

I also think that the Townshend distributor is in the LA area, you could audition that, and use your Rega arm with it for the time being. I upgraded from the WTA to a Rock with a Rega 300
Hello Roscoeiii,

How would you compare your Rock with that of the WTA as far as sound, speed stability, etc?
Pitch Perfect in San Francisco is a WT dealer. He is in the process of a relocation to LA. Matt takes great care of his customers. His reputation speaks for itself.
Call Peter at Venice Audio. He's awesome and always has one set up. I bought a WT Simplex and other stuff from him.

310 437 0515
By the way, I've owned both a Gyro SE and a Simplex and I prefer the Simplex. It's just so much simpler to setup (no cartridge alignment necessary and azimuth adjusting on the fly!) and I think sonically, at least to my ears, I prefer the WT. I was using a SME 309 and a Lyra Delos on the Gyro and I'm using a EMT TSD15 on the WT.
I prefer the amadeus to the Gyro and the orbe. Its presentation to my ears is more seductive and beguiling, fabulous with jazz and classical. The michell decks do most things well but can be a little bland with the wrong arm/cart.
Sorry no_regrets, just saw your post.

I think that Robert Greene captured the differences between the Rock and WTA pretty well (and note that in my direct comparisons and his, the arm was the RB300/301-clearly the weak link). The Rock seemed to do bass better than the WTA, while vs the RB300/Rock combo, the WTA seemed a bit better in the treble. Upgrading that Rega arm, did improve the treble and detail retrieval overall, but I did that after the WTA moved on, so no chance to compare the Rock with a Moerch arm directly to a WTA. You can also see more of my thoughts on a Townshend Rock Initial Impressions" thread on Audio Circle.
I just moved from a GTA to a Rock 7 with a Helius arm and my initial impression is the GTA doesn't do anything better than the Townshend. This is coming from a Well Tempered fan too.
Haven't heard the WTA, but depending on how close the gyrodec can get to the orbe, you will be impressed. I recall the 1st couple of minutes with my orbe, SME 309 and SMMC1 cartridge. I've never been overcome with so much emotion from reproduced music.
Thanks Roscoeiii for your reply. I will take a look at at what both you and Robert Greene had to say.
Hey Vortrex,

I take it that you prefer the Rock 7 over that of the GTA, as I see you have the GTA up for sale.

Did you have a chance to compare either the GTA or Rock to the Raven?
No_regrets - No I haven't, yet to hear the Raven myself.

I think the GTA is an amazing table. It thoroughly beat my previous VPI Classic in every regard. For something to sound this good with the fixed cart mount and simplistic design is nothing short of incredible.

As everyone talks about, the Rock 7 bass is something to behold. One review described the Rock 7 with Helius as "mastertape-like" and I can understand that. The only downside is the Townshend quality is quite shoddy.
The only downside is the Townshend quality is quite shoddy.

And it is not pretty to look at. Downright ugly... IMO.