McIntosh MA6300


An acquaintance at work is selling an MA6300 Mcintosh integreted amp for $2400. He says its in perfect confidition. I am in the process of building a higher end system - on a budget. I want to play mostly LPs and MP3s. My question: is this too much amp for me? Is the amp worth the money or could I get something that meets my needs for less money. I am willing to invest but not just because its a name... albeit those blue meters are pretty sweet to look at. Thanks for any advice you might offer.
There are going to be a lot of ways to answer your question. I would recommend looking at your overall budget for a system and then consider if you want to make upgrades at a later time. One advantage of MAC gear is they tend to hold their values very well over time. But, without an overall budget or knowing what gear you already have it is really tough to offer much in the way of helpful advice.
As Davt suggests, you need to frame your question with some context - speakers you need to drive for starters. Are you also asking if $2,400 is a good price for a 6300 in good condition? (a different question). Also tricky to assess if something meets your goals with out know what they might be. But also, do know the 6300 is more than simply a brand, but a very good amplifier that will hold its value if/when you choose to sell, to a degree greater than most other brands.
There are a lot of guys here on the Gon who "play LPs" that don't hesitate at twice $2400 for a cartridge.
OP, what is your overall budget, and what is in your current system, and how are you playing your MP3 files through your system at the moment? USB?
Ok, good points. The current system is basically a jerry rig of an amp I bought in college in the 90s for couple hundred bucks and some small JBL bookend speakers. I am just starting the process, so I will be buying everything. Budget will be ~$4-5K. Yep, I see that McIntosh is a value brand, one guy I talked to said he's never not sold one for near or more than his purchase price.

So... basically given the overall budget, is the amp worth the price?

I currently use an iPod adapter for the music. Its sounded great 7 years ago to do that, but as I listen to other peoples systems its clear that there is better out there.

BTW this forum is fantastic, tons to learn. Thank you for your collective help.
The MAC is a good amp, but given your budget of $5,000 for a complete system, I would say you are spending a bit too much for the system. If you intent is to build a system you will own for the next 10+ years, I would start the process with find the speakers you will want to live with, they will be the single most important thing to decide on, and the speakers you own will drive the amp decision, should not be the other way around. If you want to build a system in that price range, the Vandersteen 2s would make the foundation for a pretty good $5000 complete system.
I sold my 6300 for $2150 almost new. It bought it sealed and the woman claimed it was won in an auction. More likely her boyfriend worked at a dealer and it fell off the back of the truck.

I would also look at the Ayre integrated. I liked it better than the Mac 6300. Better staging and clarity while not bright and a little laid back. Like mentioned above you might want to put forth more information.

Come on Mechans, my Nordost Tyr shoe laces cost me more than $2400. LOL you speak the truth.
Did you use the Ayre with RCA or XLR?
The Mac 6300 is a solid(warm/relaxed) amp but it does not want to be pushed. Had a hard time driving a pair of ATC-SCM 11's to a satisfactory level. IMO the AVI Lab Series(S21) is the best value(non-tube)intergrated on the used market. It may be difficult to find, but the build and sound quality approach a Jeff Rowland intergrated amp. For around $1500 it's worth the effort to find one.