McIntosh MA6300 or 6500?

I am considering both these integrated amps right now. Anyone know which sounds better? I know the 6300 is newer in the line, and wondering what improvements were made if any. Thanks!
What sounds better to someone else might not sound better to you.Your best bet is to listen to both units yourself and decide.If that's not possible,I will go out on a limb here and say this...If you are a normal listener(like me) and not a "golden ear" type,I don't think you will really hear that much of a difference between these two fine pieces of equipment.This is just my opinion and nothing else.Good luck.
Thanks so much. Any changes in the circuitry or "voicing" of the 6300? Just wondering where it's newer if anything is better or not. Rumor has it that significant changes to amplification has not been. Not like digital etc. So if they are close, then it might come down to convenience of features.
I have owned and used both. If features, inputs and control are important to you the MA-6500 is my pick.

If you are going to buy new and lower cost is important the 6300 is a fine choice.

With my merlins and maggies I'm not sure there was a noticeable sonic difference. I do like the 6500 quite a bit.

Good shopping!
i would get one of the autoformer-based Mac integrateds, personally, if your budget can afford it. the 6600 is a great unit.
i have owned the 6500. i would save and get a used 6900. awesome. 6500 is a little low on power.