McIntosh MA6300 vs. Mark Levinson 383 Integrated

Hi folks,

Anyone out there ever compare a McIntosh MA6300 to a Mark Levinson 383 integrated?  If so, how would you describe the sound characteristics of each?
Both are rated at 100wpc at 8 ohms. 


The McIntosh MA6300 I heard had difficulties driving an ATC SCM 11 V1. Tough to comment on SQ when the amp was pushed. Would what a very efficient speaker for the MAC. The Levinson 383 was demoed about 20 years ago(lol) it had an open spacious airy(whitish) type SQ not a muscular type of sound of the Krell(300 IL). IMO the Jeff Rowland Concentra 1 or 2 was clearly the best sounding integrated amp from that time period. 

Thanks dayglow. My speakers are Revel F30. I’ve read the Concentra integrateds are very good.