mcintosh c2200 vs 2300 - sonic differences

I was wondering if someone with any experience with both can tell me if the C2300 is significantly sonically superior to the C2200. I currently have a BAT VK-31SE pre-amp driving a MC402 power. The BAT is an excellent pre and there is the concern that the above Macs will be a lateral move at best. However, the tubes on the BAT are starting to go again (replaced about one and a half years ago) and I'm growing weary of replacing them at $400 per set.
The BAT should be superior sounding and the tubes should last for years....are you leaving them on all the time?
How often do you listen? The BAT's tube should last much longer than one
and a half years unless you leave it on 24 hours a day. How do you know it is
about to go?

BTW, VK-31SE sounds closer to a solid state than tube. If you like its sound,
you might be disappointed with the Macs.
1.5 years for 6h30 tubes is on the lower lower lower end of lifetime. Tube preamps need not be powered on 24/7.
I looked at all three and I can tell you the 2200 is better sounding than the 2300. As far as the differnce between BAT and McIntosh it is a totall different sound. I think the 2200 will sound very good with the 402. I have a 402 and determined that the sound I was looking for was in Auudio Research and bought an LS26. It was tough as I am a long time Mcintosh owner. I most likely will stay with the 402 as I am extremely pleased with it. But I think unless you canget into the C500 or C1000 catagory the ARC will provide the most bang for buck. If I do sell my LS26 I will most likely buy the C500.
What were the differences you heard between the 2200/2300? Thanks
Thanks for the replies. When the BAT pre is not in use, I put it on standby (I believe the instructions state that this is correct usage for the unit). However, I only turn the unit off if I'm away for several days.
Theo, I have always been interested in an ARC pre-amp but assumed it was a bad match for Mac due to the output impedence. I was even considering saving up for a used Ref 3 as there is an abundance on the used market at around $5500-$6k (great price for a world class pre but still out of my range). I have a CD3 mkII as my source and am very impressed with the ARC sound (not so much the looks). I was wondering if you could provide any additional details with the ARC/Mac combo. Thanks in advance