MC462 enough to handle Revel Salon 2’s?

Was wondering if you think the MC462 is enough to push a pair of revel salon 2’s? Or would the studio 2’s be a better bet?
This is a joke, right? The MC462 is enough to handle any speaker on the planet. You just have to try it out and see if you like that distinctive autoformer sound.
I have a McIntosh MC452 driving a pair of Focal Sopra No2's (91 db efficiency rating) and when I'm really cranking it in my 24 x 26' "man cave" the needles dance around the 4.5 watt mark.

I see the Ravel Salon 2's are listed as 86.4 efficiency rating, which (in theory) would consume roughly four times as much power as the Sopra's to reach the same volume level.  My amp probably is able to hit musical peaks of around 700 wpc, yours should be able to do 900 wpc.

I just don't see how the MC462 wouldn't be enough power!
+ 1 tlinkie...The MC needles have never been accurate, and, if you think you are only using 4.5 watts, you are not cranking it as much as you might think. But, they are beautiful to look at. To answer the question. The 462 will drive anything, but, the sound of MC autoformer amps are very subjective and personal. YMMV...Enjoy ! MrD.
If you want to avoid clipping, 500 wpc feeding speakers with an 86 Eff. rating will only work til about 80dbs.
This is my estimate . Buy a $700 DBX Venue 360 and see for yourself
what you have been listening to. You may be surprised.
Remember, McIntosh always rate their power very conservatively.
It should. I demoed my Totem Mani ii’s which is an inefficient speaker with a wide range of mcintosh amps and the best sounding came out of the 1k Mac monoblocks. I could has easily lived with the smaller amps, but the 1k’s were spectacular with this speaker.