Mark Levinson 436 or McIntosh MC501 with B&W801-S3

Mark Levinson 436 or McIntosh MC501 with B&W 801 S3?

If you have narrowed it down to those two I would choose the Levinson, But I would audition Pass and Classe to.
I owned the MC501's with demanding Dyn C4's (similiar to 801's) and they bled their hearts balls to these amps despite the supposed power rating.
Levinson and B&W is a classic match. That would be the better fit. 33's would be even better! You might also consider DMlawitm's suggestion, Classe is also a classic match w/ B&W.
Thanks for your responses.
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Don't give up on Mac 501's yet, they drive my Thiels to the promise land. The Levinson is very nice also, heard them driving Thiel 3.7's. Can't go wrong with either choice IMO comes down to personal preference.
I have heard the 436 and 501s and would go with the 436 but you cant go wrong either way, but in that price category I would definitely go with a Plinius SA-Reference or sim moon w-10s, you should addition these two before you buy you just might change your mind.