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Responses from mlawitm

how much did you spend on rear surround speakers?
I have b&w 802's and an htm1 with four 805's for my back speakers and a rel stentor for my sub 
Best Bulk Cable
I was looking for ac/power cord recommendations not interconnects. 
Opinions on Land Rover LR2
Onhwy61yes I bought them for my girlfriend along with a Shun Bob Kramer knife set and I love listening to music while she cooks me dinner. 
Opinions on Land Rover LR2
Does anyone have any opinions on what cookware they use.I just bought a set of demeyere. 
B&W 802d - Power, Help/ Opinion please
I would look at Pass Labs before Levinson. 
AudioQuest Best comstumer service I've had so far.
I have had great experience with Audioquest and Pass Labs. 
I advise you all stick with smaller dogs
I have to comment on mofimadness comment on the Yorkie liking Steely Dan. I have a Scottish Fold (Chloe) that comes into the room and will sit and listen when she hears Elton John 
Capacitor Size
A cap is a cap. They come in various sizes depending on manufacturer. Caps are measured in mfd and they're marked on the cap for tolerance. I do know that the caps currently made today go out of tolerance much quicker than older caps. I would have... 
AQ HDMI Cables
I used aq cables but then switched to wireworld cables. 
Need B&W HTM1 D to finish my system. Suggestions?
I thought I was the only one. I've been searching for an htm1d and have found two on audiogon but the wrong finish. I need natural cherry to finish my system. Good luck. 
Amplifiers for B&W 804 Nautilus - Need Help
Depending on your budget I would look at Pass Labs or Classe. Two great amps that work well with B&W. 
Other options than a D2v
The only ones I would consider in that price point is the Classe or the Arcam 
Best smaller Flat Screeen TV,? Sony Web-TV?
Go on avsforum.com lots of discussions on TV's I personally like and own Elite for my main TV and Panasonic for my bedroom 
Krell 3250e vs Classe CA-2300 vs Levinson 532H
I would put Pass Labs as my number one and then Classe, Krell at number three and ML last on my list due to poor customer service 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
John Lennon would be at the top of my list.