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Bat VK-500 vs Classe ca-301
I do like the sound of a warmer unit such as tubes but the low end as well, so i guess the bat would be the better choice.Thnaks 
A good preamp for around $1000 for parasound JC1s
I would have to say classe cp-50 or bryston bp 25 i have a bp 25 hooked up to a sim w-5 it sounds amazing. 
Sim Audio W-5 Fuse blew half way on the pre amp
Thanks guys for all the info I think I will replace the fuse with the original size and call sim, and if this happens again I will replace the amp with a bryston 14bst or classe ca 301 maybe less headaches thanks all. 
Sim Audio W-5 Fuse blew half way on the pre amp
The fuse blew while listing to a cd at high volumes and it is frustrating, i am wondering if it has a negative effect on the amp when the fuse blows and would it be ok to put a lager fuse so this doesn't happen again, any comments would be greatly... 
Mark Levinson 436 or McIntosh MC501 with B&W801-S3
I have heard the 436 and 501s and would go with the 436 but you cant go wrong either way, but in that price category I would definitely go with a Plinius SA-Reference or sim moon w-10s, you should addition these two before you buy you just might c... 
The Most Musical Class A/B Power Amplifier??
bryston 4b st, aragon 8008bb, bat vk-200, classe ca-201, you cant go wrong with any of these pricing ranges from 900 to 1500.Cheers. 
Classe ca 301 is the low end weak.
Thanks for the info greatly appreciated. 
Aragon 4004MKII Vs. Bryston 4 B Pro
I like both but if the bryston is a few hundred more than go with a aragon 8008bb it will better the older bryston i have heard both many times. 
Classe ca 301 is the low end weak.
Thanks guys I appreciate the help as I was a little skeptical before, any other thoughts would be great. 
Pass XA versus Krell FPB Amps
I have heard both and both are excellent choices you cant go wrong one way or the other. I prefer pass x350.5 or fbp 300.good luck. 
Please help me find an amp
If I had very sensitive speaker as you do I would have to say a bat vk-60 or Sonic Frontiers Power 2 for tube and for ss bat vk-500 or audio research d400mk2 and I would highly recommend a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 preamp. 
Bat VK-500 vs Krell Ksa 250?
Thanks for the info I thought it might be a close call considering the krell s output stage is in pure class a but I was lean towards the bat, do you know if it is a hi bias class a amp does it hot. 
Audio Research VS110 vs Bat KV-60
I like the bat better for the money than the arc I will probably end up with a bat thanks. 
ARC ls26 vs.SF Line-3/se
You don't need to upgrade the line 3 is an outstanding pre I think even if you did upgrade you wouldn't hear that much of a difference. 
Amp upgrade ?
I agree the bat or the sim w-5 lae is still a very good choice both build like a tank and with the bat pack the power reserve is huge, I don't want to change my pre amp I think the sp-16 is still good I run it with a bryston 4 bst it sounds pretty...