Manley Chinook or Allnic H1201

I haven't found a thread on this that isnt a couple years old. Time to upgrade from modded Jolida J9. These are the top two contenders. Anyone compared them directly? I also see that Herron phono stages get thrown into the discussion at this price point. I'm really trying to stay under 2k, which probably means used.

Cart is a Soundsmith Zephyr 2 on a VPI scout.   

Thanks for any input
I don't believe the Chinook is considered competition for the 1201 or Herron VTPH-2. There may be Chinook owners who disagree! Another real good one perhaps available used at your price is the original version of the Zesto.
Under 2K can get you a Chinook SE from Upscale Audio.  I have been pleased with mine, but had to send in once for a fix.
I have had both the Allnic 1201 and the Chinook at the same time and the Allnic bettered the Chinook by a good bit the 1201 actually gave the Steelhead a run for it's money, except for adjustability the Allnic would be my pick and have had the Allnic H1500 se II as my phono stage for 3 years, am getting ready to sell it to buy a new Allnic H1500 SE II Plus.

Allnic phono preamps punch above all of their respective price ranges.  My setup will not be leaving my system ever.