Herron VTPH-1 vs Allnic H1201

I've been using the Herron for about 3 months and while I think it's a great unit, I feel like I'm missing something in the tonality/timbre of the insturments. Are there any former/current Herron users that have purchased or heard the H1201? I've heard the more expensive Allnic and was blown away but it too much $$.
I demo'd the 1201 for a couple of weeks and thought it was a little better than my Zesto Andros.
Have you considered upgrading your Herron to the VTPH-2?

Thanks for the suggestion, Chuck. I guess I'm not sure if I would get what I'm looking for from the VTPH-2. I should call Herron about that specifically.

Vortrex, thanks for that comparison. That's very helpful.
I heard the VTPH-2 compared with an ARC reference can't remember the exact number. But the Herron was very competitive with that unit. So IMO you would need to spend a fair amount of money to better the VTPH-2 but that's my opinion and why I purchased the Herron. And it might be something else in your system that is lacking as I have found the Herron to be very true to the source.
After auditioning a few units around the price range of the Herron VTPH-2, I chose the VTPH-2. It has the black background and dynamics of the Parasound JC-3, the finesse and beautiful midrange of the Fosgate Signature and the flexibility, bass and clarity of the Zesto Andros.

For me in my system, in comparison to the Herron VTPH-2 the JC-3 was a touch too dry, the Fosgate a little noisy and lacking dynamics and the Andros a little too polite.

Bonus is that Keith Herron is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with.
I have not heard the allnic but own the VTPh-2. It is a phenomenol phono stage that gets everything right. My last phono stage for sure--how often do you hear that--I have had mine for going on three years now and never think of upgrading.
I had the VTPH-2 in my system for about 2 yrs before I decided to audition/keep the Zesto Andros. It was a toss up, really - both had particular aspects of the presentation that were favorable to the other, IMHO. Indeed, Keith is just one of the great ones in the audio world!
IMO, call Keith. He takes good care of his customers and users.
You may want to add the Zesto Andros to your list for consideration. I'm very happy with the Zesto Andros in my system. I feel instrumental timbre, soundstage and well balanced sound are the Zesto's strong points. IMO, the Zesto consistently gets everything right.
Just to update an old thread. I sent unit back to Keith and have been very happy with the results. I also switched to EH gold pin tubes which opened up the unit considerably. Thinking about pulling the trigger on the VTPH-2 but it's still a lot of money.
I use NOS Telefunkens in my VTPH-2 with excellent results although they can be kinda pricey. Better resolution across the audio spectrum.

I concur. 
I recently switched to Telefunken ECC 83's for the first and second gain stages and a Genelex GEC A2900 for the line stage on my VTPH 2. I was amazed at how the Herron is now transformed into a giant killer.  The nice thing about the Herron is you can tube roll to tailor the sound to your prefrences. The stock rubes sounded nice but the NOS Tele's really made a difference. 

NOS Telefunkens make any phono stage that uses 12AX7/ECC83 sound better.  I am using them in my vintage Quicksilver preamplifier, also upgraded with Vcaps.  The Q has some circuit design features that have fallen out of favor on the one hand (like use of NFB in the linestage) but has a hefty tube-rectified, choke input power supply on the other.  It's quite surprisingly great with the upgrades. The VTPH2 gets so much love on these forums that I have to admit I am curious.  Yet the circuit is rather pedestrian in general characteristics.  Goes to show... something.