I hope you all can imagine me shrieking magicos like a little kid who was given a gift he thought was unattainable...but without the squeaky voice....and of course they were not a gift, although certainly a fair deal. maybe i am not as happy as that little kid but its pretty cool. i figure if you get the a line at 35 I can scrape my way to the s line by 40 and be set to make some really stupid decisions later on...which is great.

the only problem in paradise is that I literally just got spendor 9.2s and i spared no expense on the line..they have this unique mix of accuracy, fun, and a response to electronics that has surprised me. So i must keep both of course...

i got the magico beginners kit, a3s, and they will be going in a medium room that is likely a touch small for them. they are replacing 226bes that worked perfectly in the space. id be interested in any dream lines that consider my space but pretend budget isnt an issue.

Congratulations! I've had mine since December. A buddy who has S7's came over a couple of times and said since the first time he was over he can hear they are still breaking in. I guess it's hard for me to notice since I listen to them most days. Gorgeous looking speaker in person, I don't think pictures do them justice and as far as the sonics go, no other brand I've heard comes close! I've played around with listening to them with several different amps: Yamaha A-S3000, NAD 304, Prima Luna Dialogue One integrated and added a DYNA PAS-3X tube preamp to the SS amps. The Yamaha and PAS-3X are my current main set up which sounds awesome. The Prima Luna sounded tremendous except there wasn't enough power. The goal is Prima Luna EVO 400 pre and mono's! 
Wow, nice; enjoy!   It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on how these two speakers compare.   I sold my gen 1 Magico S1s for gen 1 D9s and have been very happy, but the Magicos were impressive and I imagine the A3s is a more similar speaker to compare with the D9 than the S1 was.
I am very interested in your thoughts between the two. I am in fact contemplating a pair of 9.2’s and waiting today for availability. Also looking at B&W 804D3, Sonus Faber Olympica III’s and several others. 
I'll join the chorus in regard to the Magico and Spendor comparison. 
Very intrigued due to different design concepts and philosophical positioning of 2 highly respected brands. No doubt that each has their individual strengths. 


 I have also been contemplating getting Magico (as well as Tannoys, Tektons ++ ) and would be very happy to hear your thoughts as they break in.

All the best.