Looking for reputable repair for Sony HAPZ1ES

One of my two Sony HAPZ1ES HDD players will not turn on. It has been an ongoing problem that needs repair. Both fuses inside unit are good but relay doesn’t engage when power cord is plugged in.

I am looking for either a private tech or a Sony service center that can work on this unit. It is still a current product so parts should be readily available. Looking in the Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts area as it is 55 pounds and would be Uber expensive to ship. The authorized repair center for Rhode Island is no longer in service. Can anyone give me some leads?


Contact ESL in Connecticut unless they've moved, Electronics Service labs (eslabs.com). They are not cheap but knowledgeable, don't know if they will service this unit, 📞 Simply one of the best in the US.

Why put money into a China box?

Can’t debate the quality of it’s DAC because it’s not accessible.

What’s it do that a Rasp Pi with a good DAC don’t?  Besides play music w/o internet?

Especially if you still have one that operates?



FYI, the Sony isn’t made in China, why the assumption? I don’t want anything else, I want my Sony repaired. I have over 22,000 songs ripped into the Sony, don’t want to do that ever again. I don’t want to subscribe to music services. I have enough music at home I have yet to listen to.

EVERYONE: I thought my post was very clear, I only want leads on repairs, not people telling me what to buy instead. Capish?



Thank you, I will call them on Monday.  If they will repair it, my wife and I will drive down to them as it's only a 3-hour ride, at most.


unfortunately, for some folk, everything on that side of the pacific is all same same... 🙄