Looking for new amp for Tekton Electron SE

I just ordered some Tekton Electron SEs and I'm interested in what folks think about driving them?  I currently have a Peachtree Nova 300.  With the high sensitivity of the Electrons I was looking into possibly something low watt to replace the Nova.  The First Watt offerings from Nelson Pass look intriguing.  I listen to 95% jazz and I like the tightness and impact of the upright bass with my Peachtree and I'm worried I'd lose a little of that with a low wattage amp.  However, I'm looking for a more full bodied more alive sound in the mids and I like how tubes achieve that.  I hate bloom though, especially in the low mids.  First Watt caught my attention because from what I've read in the reviews, it's sound is somewhere in between tube and solid state.  I don't listen to music loud but I do like large scale orchestral works and I would want an amp that is capable of sorting out all that complexity.  ( I have a little 4watt SET and though it sounds great for jazz and chamber music, it fails at Mahler).  Any suggestions?

In the past I paired Pendragons with A Decware Torii with great results. I have Electrons on order and am interested in this topic as well.   I think the Linear tube audio would be the best choice if you have the $$$.  I've owned a Berning Amp in the past and it's super fast, detailed,and has no bloom at all. 

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Hi Adam. You and I are heading down similar paths. I too ordered a pair of Electron SEs (haven't come yet), and I had a Peachtree Nova 220SE that I sold recently and replaced with a Boyuurange A50 300b tube amp rated at 7.6 watts per channel. Sounds much more engaging than the Peachtree, and I was using it to power a pair of Golden Ear Triton 2+ speakers (91 db sensitivity). Played plenty loud, but just not that enamored with the Golden Ears, so on to Tekton. Anyhow, I would be your SET could power the Electrons SEs (99db sensitivity) with ease. Did you get the 4 ohm or 8ohm version?

I let you know how the A50 sounds with the Electrons when they arrive (6 more weeks!!)

I ended up getting a Pass XA30.5 amp and an LTA MZ2 preamp.   I couldn't be happier

@joshindc  I got the 8ohm version.  Works great with the Pass amp.  Not sure what would work best for the impedance of your 300B SET amp.  I have not yet tried them with my 4W per channel SET amp.  overall I love the sound of the Tektons.  I think you will be pleased
I have the Tektons SE with full beryllium tweeter upgrade and been very content running them with Benchmark Dac 3 and Benchmark AHB2 amp. Purity with no overlaid flavors /warmth/ coloration or whatever we like to call it. Top end is detailed and full low end punch. Front row listening experience. I listen to everything from EDM , classic rock, reggae and jazz...very little classical. It is difficult to listen to poorly recorded tracks ... so pop music is background quality only. I see the discussion has been more toward tube amps. so.... I did have a visitor audition my set up recently... he  was surprised how smooth and clean the sound was yet the setup was solid state and no tubes. 

Excellent customer service from Benchmark and top rate equipment reviews. I believe they give you a 30day in home trial. Main reason the gear is returned is listeners realize how poorly recorded some of their music is....brutally transparent electronics.

As a bonus the built in headphone amp is no slouch and drives my Focal Elex headphones with ease.

Good luck. Lots of great options out there. Enjoy the music.