Looking for new amp for Tekton Electron SE

I just ordered some Tekton Electron SEs and I'm interested in what folks think about driving them?  I currently have a Peachtree Nova 300.  With the high sensitivity of the Electrons I was looking into possibly something low watt to replace the Nova.  The First Watt offerings from Nelson Pass look intriguing.  I listen to 95% jazz and I like the tightness and impact of the upright bass with my Peachtree and I'm worried I'd lose a little of that with a low wattage amp.  However, I'm looking for a more full bodied more alive sound in the mids and I like how tubes achieve that.  I hate bloom though, especially in the low mids.  First Watt caught my attention because from what I've read in the reviews, it's sound is somewhere in between tube and solid state.  I don't listen to music loud but I do like large scale orchestral works and I would want an amp that is capable of sorting out all that complexity.  ( I have a little 4watt SET and though it sounds great for jazz and chamber music, it fails at Mahler).  Any suggestions?

1. Raven  2. Prima Luna
First Watt F7 will handle Mahler well with the Tekton's!
In the past I paired Pendragons with A Decware Torii with great results. I have Electrons on order and am interested in this topic as well.   I think the Linear tube audio would be the best choice if you have the $$$.  I've owned a Berning Amp in the past and it's super fast, detailed,and has no bloom at all. 

@adam8179 what did you decide?  What's the rest of your system?