Linn LP12 Valhalla 45 rpm

This is the most embarassing question I've ever posed here. I bought a used LP 12 Valhalla many years ago and always assumed that, like my previous LP12, it won't play 45 rpm. But now I think that maybe there's an adapter for the Valhalla Linns. True? I'd sure like to get some of those 45 rpm Fantasy Jazz reissues.
No. There is an adapter that fits over the pulley that will allow 45. They come up on ebay ever so often. Dump the Valhalla and get the OriginLive motor and controller.
Works better than Valhalla and provides 45rpm. The best upgrade I ever did on my Linn. Good luck, Wendell
Linn used a larger thimble type cylinder that went over the existing motor spindle to adapt it to the 45 RPM speed. It had like an O-ring inside that kept it tight against the motor spindle.
The thing about the adaptor thimble is that a good deal of force is required to get the thing on and off - a worrysome amount of force. I've got one kicking around if you're interested...

That's kind of you, Richard. Wendell, the OL option is intriguing. Let me ask you: did you find it difficult to install? Did your Linn need to be tuned again when you installed the OL? (I don't tune my own Linn and hate having to take it soemwhere to be worked on.) And, my Linn sits on a Nuance shelf that's just the right size for the TT. I would need to place the OL outboard box on a different shelf on my rack. How long is the "reach", do you know?

The other option, which I have been thinking about for some time, is to scrap the Linn altogether and get a Nott or something like that. But for the money, the OL sounds promsing, since it will not only give me 45rpm at the flick of a switch but will, according to all the reviews, provide a major upgrade to the performance of the Linn. Hmmm...
I agree with Palasr. I also am intrigued by the OL motor and controller but have yet to take the plunge. I've listened to a lot of tables and have yet to find a compelling reason to dump my Linn. I traded my 70's model LP12 in on the one I have owned now since 1984 and until it holds my system back it will stay.
The install is easy and doesn't change the setup. Palasr is correct regarding the force on the pulley when installing the adapter. The key is to shim the pulley before installing the adapter. Then remove the shim. There is plenty of length in the OL power supply cable to allow its' placement on another shelf. Wendell.
You can also replace the valhalla with a Linn lingo.
Which provides 45RPM.
I ordered the OL DC motor kit. Way too expensive just to get 45rpm, but I'm expecting a substantial boost in the performance of my Linn, so that's a good thing. Thanks for your help, everybody.
Yeah, but a bargain compared to the Lingo and most people consider it superior. Add that to the increasing difficulty of getting worthwhile LP12 support from Linn and it becomes a relative bargain.
There are so few LP12 dealers anymore and I think it's because Linn forces them to carry the whole line. Seems like it would be good for the brand to allow a little more selectivity, so some dealers could carry just the source components if they wanted to.
About the force required to push-on the Linn LP12 45 rpm adapter, just flip the adapter over and it goes on with much less force. One way it's very hard, the other way it goes on as silk. It works both ways.