Levinson No. 383 v. Musical Fidelity Trivista 300

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the performance of the Mark Levison No. 383 integrated amplifier versus the Musical Fidelity Trivista 300? I am using Sonus Faber Cremona speakers and Nordost Valhalla cables. I appreciate your time and thoughts
The YBA Passion Integre, wins, hands down. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Did AB it against the ML383. Just another integrated to consider. peace, warren
the levinson integrated(along with the rowland,the mac,the vac and the arc are all in a different league than the music fidelity..its good,their great.
I agree that at the price point you are looking at that there may be others you would want to include in your list, some are already listed above; my vote, from my experience, is the Rowland.
I like the new VAC Super Avatar...looks fantastic...sounded great at HE2003
I found the Levinson 383 to be slightly grainy and 2 dimensional, not especially musical either

I much prefer the Rowland and I prefer the Plinius 8200 MKII as well
Thank you all for your feedback!
Many opinions but few useful facts.NONE of the above users had both ML383 and MF trivista in one system. I had
them both(also Rowland)in identical system.TRIVISTA absolutely smoked ML 383 and ROwland in every audiophile
sense.IT is not even close guys.I use Sonus Faber Extremas
and they love power-Trivista has both power and finesse.Best piano/voice reproduction.

Best of luck in your choice..
I would listen to people who have used these amps with your speakers. There is so much variation in how components synergize together that you should probably listen to those who have similar components and speakers to you. To be consistent I will not throw another great integrated amp in that price range recommendation at you unless you want it. Email me off the thread if you do. Trust your ears. Good Luck,