Which universal player: DV-50 or Trivista?

I'm still undecided. I don't think I need multichannel, but I'd like to have all three formats: CD, SACD and DVD-A. Officially the Trivista isn't DVD-A compatible, but in fact it is (that's what the rep credibly affirmed).

CD sound is very important because most of my music is on CDs, but in case I have a Bel Canto DAC2 at my disposal which I like a lot (fed by the 963SA). Nevertheless I would be glad if redbook sounded even better. And of course the high-rez formats are important, too, but it should be easier to surpass my 963SA's SACD playback quality -- which isn't bad at all, BTW.

I listen a lot to headphones (HD 650), and one of the Bel Canto DAC2's advantages is its low output impedance allowing the direct connection of a headphone (via 500-ohm pot) to eliminate an additional amplification stage. The Trivista's 50 ohm are acceptable as well, but the DV-50 seems to have 450 ohm -- an other source sais 45 ohm... Well, I have two high-quality headphone amps and use these most of the time anyway...

In short: which player sounds better (and how)? What about the handling (need of a TV screen...)?
The TriVista is one of the best SACD/CD players that I have heard. You need to put so weight on the top of the player as the top metal is a little thin. It has a very sweet sound adn I prefered it over the Levinson 390. I never heard the DV-50.

Happy Listening.

Thanks, Bigkidz!

I'm sure there are also other people who have heard both players and can judge them...
If you listen to CD a lot, Musical Fidelity just introduced their Trivista 21 Dac, which is a separate redbook DAC, with the Trivista player circuits and some improvements. Hi-Fi+ reviews it in the current issue and, likes it a whole, whole lot. Runs about $1800 list.

Thanks, Nealhood!

Well, the main reason for my desire for a new player is rather the 963SA's lack of audio handling convenience than the sound, at least when it comes to CD, because I'm quite happy with the DAC2 so far (and even with the Philips). Even better (SACD) sound and if possible DVD-A would be great though...