Has anyone compared trivista to kw integrated

There have been other people to ask this, but I ahve yet to here anyone who actually compared them. B Anyone who has heard both. By the way what sick compulsion drives me to want to replace a component tha t I love? I mean its not like I can say that I hear any deficiencies with trivista. I don't do this with anything else(car, house, watch, wife) But with audio you always wonder.
Hi there. Tri-Vista owner here too. I'm also interested in these questions and find myself perusing the want ads for the KW just out of curiosity, but also asking myself why since I'm already quite happy with the Tri-Vista and see no need for an additional 150 watt capacity to an amp that can already drive an elephant. It's just curiosity. Wondering if MF can outdo what's already quite good. But I've yet to hear the KW either and would appreciate a comparison as well. Someone on the Agon on another thread reported that a dealer had said the KW wasn't necessarily better than the Tri, just different. As for me, I'd hate to part with my Tri.
If you guys are happy with the Tri-Vista, just enjoy the tunes and don't fuss with things; easy to say I know.

That said, TAS reviewed the kW500, issue 152, and prefered it to the Tri-Vista.

[url=http://www.theabsolutesound.com/newsletter/152/musical_fidelity.html]TAS Review[/url]
The kW is another limited run item from Musical Fidelity, so I suspect they may be getting hard to find. Both are "statement" integrateds - if you don't ahve outrageuos power requirements, it may make sense to stick with the Tri-Vista. That being said, I am REALLY enjoying the kW-500.
Yes, I read that review by Martens when it first came out, and I'm not sure what to think of it. He may well be right and honest in his review, but when do audio magazines ever come out with the opinion that the previous member of a line of products is better than the newer version? I only see such comments on places like the Agon. On the other hand, I'm sure the KW is great. i've been impressed with most of the MF gear I've heard. One problem I've had with the Tri is the source selector, a problem that seems likely to be less of an issue with the new KW, which doesn't have a second dial. Otherwise, I like the aesthetics of the Tri better. Still, two excellent amps sonically.

No- But is there anyone out there selling their Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 integrated amp? Please contact me. Jersey or NY area preferred.