LCD TV, how does it affect your 2 channels

I just have one room for all the AV stuff, and I'm a 2 channels audiophile. Now I'm considering putting up a HT by putting up a LCD display in the center. I think having a glass surface will screw up the sound and especially the imaging. Do you know how serious the impact is?

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(project would be ideal but it's too costly for casual TV watching)
Cover it with an acoustically absorbent material when it is not being viewed.

I have the exact same situation. 60" LCD, look at my listed system. It has changed a bit since the picture , but the LCD is still in the middle.
You are right it does screw up the depth. I have done everything possible to work around it, but I know it is a problem.
However, I love watching sports while listening to music so everything will stay as is regardless.

Perhaps one day I will get a projector with a screen.
If you can make sure that you speakers are out in front of the TV screen, (and well out in front, like two or three feet), and it won't eliminate the impact, mind you, but it does minimize it.

Kal's advice is correct about using an absorbent material (a nice throw blanket kept in the room works nicely), to cover the screen.

I too have a 58" plasma TV between my speakers, (and it is going to stay there). When I replaced my old RPTB with the aforementioned 58" TB, and I increased the distance between the planes of the TV screen and the face the speakers from 1 foot to 3 feet, it really opened up the soundstage and increased the depth.

Good Luck!
All are correct in that a large expanse of glass centered behind the speakers takes away from the depth, whether the speakers are at TV level or not. I had a window and a CRT TV directly behind the speakers. I found that covering the window with echo busters and the TV with with an acoustic screen really improved the sound. I also have a Projector and large screen which I use for movies. The treatments still improve the sound.
Thanks to all!

Well, the good news is that the panels are actually plastic, not glass, and the panels are much thinner than the old Rear Projection TV. (BTW Ozzy, I hav the same TV as you, just at 50" and in a different room)

I wish I could use a projector, indeed, for the TV model I'm considering, it will cost about +- 15%, not much. The problem is the bulb. with average 2000-4000 hours I just don't feel right to use a projector for casual TV viewing. But that's a requirement from my wife.

I'm also considering creating a sound absorbent stuff like a hanging carpet to cover the TV ... but my guts feeling is that I will end up getting too lazy.

I wish someone could make a TV mount that supports vertical movement so that I can "sink" the Panel behind the equiments.

happy viewing/listening,

Ozzy & Kschiu,

If you use a fixed screen with a projector it has it's own set of issues. When listening to 2 channel music the screen moves, a little like a drum skin and can screw with imaging. I use a bamboo sash to cover my screen when I listen to my 2 channel system. Use a retractable screen if you can. Some say retractable screens have other issue with video if and when they move back and forth.

Could you elaborate on the 'drum skin' effect? How much does the bamboo sash help?

When play my 2 or multi channel system I notice that my Stewart Firehawk projector screen moves ever so slightly but it does move.
When I listen to 2 channel music I hear the center image shift from time to time. Some focus on the instruments especially in the midbase loose some of their focus and can seem to get skewed or loose tightness. When I use a bamboo role type shade I do not have the problem. Every thing seems to have more solidity and focus to it and my midbass it more taunt.
With milti channel movies I cannot notice a difference because I have a center channel I think. If I listen to SACD or DVDA I still notice the sound is better with the shade down.
I am trying to find a better and more attractive solution than my bamboo shade but have not found it yet. I don't like thick drapes by the way, thats what most people seem to use. At one time I had hung a rug in the center of the screen. That also did a good jub but the bamboo shade has been better.

I got a collapsable screen to run movies. I just have to lower the screen to open
the middle. I have bipoles, and something blocking the middle wall bounce does
screw up music. Right now we have a 40" LCD set in the middle, as we wait
for another projector. I found all I have to do is spin the light TV around so it is
on edge. That works.