Power cable affects interconnect.

My PS Audio statement power cord makes my Kimber Kable KCAG interconnects from my phono preamp hum. I have to move the interconnects as far away as possible by tying them up to a fixture. There is still hum. I have had to move the phono preamp to the top shelf and CD player to lower one. I thought a good power cable would be shielded good enough for this not to happen.
Kimber Kable PBJ, Hero, KCAG are completely unshielded. I use them, but if there were any problems with stray electrical fields, the Kimber would not be suitable.
As to why your PS Audio Statement cord makes them hum. i would think your cord is defective in some way.
Agree with you no way should an aftermarket cord radiate anything. I would guess some short in your cable is connecting the shield in the A/C cord to the hot wire. Or some similar problem. (Thought the problem could be in your electrical power grid too.)
If you can swap the cord with any other and no problem, I would contact PS audio directly. the head of PS Audio is really great at helping out folks with problems with one of his products.
Have you tried eliminating the ground on the power cable? PS Audio has a removeable ground pin if has been made in the past 7 or so years. Otherwise Elizabeth is right the folks at PS Audio are nice people to deal with, it's Boulder man....celestial teas..etc.:)
I just was readingabout a device (cheap) called a non-contact A/C voltage detector. So I ran out and bought one ($10) from Home Depot.
Checked all my cords, no voltage on body at all on any Pangea. But at the connector ends some voltage is detected. but nothing in/on any interconnects or speaker cables.
Any outlet that is 'live' makes the detector turn on about three inches from the outlet.
Also none of my power supplies turn it on.
Cool toy. i ordered a better one from Amazon. The Greenlee brand is supposed to be more sensitive ($22). So i have a new toy to play with. I am going to look for outlet plates that stop the stray voltage. And see if i can shield the plugs of my stuff so they do not radiate stray voltage.
One can also make a cheap RFI detector with an old portable cassette player and a car antenna. But I think I will stick with the sniffer I have (and on order)
(if you must know how: take the head out of the cassette player, cut the antenna down, fix it so you can add wires to the ends, connect the wires to the ones where your took the cassette head out. Boom! you have a "Duct-tape Brand'" RFI sniffer. very rough outline of making it, Google it for better info)
Elizabeth, you are amazing, and very entertaining!
Elizabeth is very wise , stray voltage can make your system sound dull. Always DAP to keep power cords away from interconnects , and yes the less stay voltage around your room is good for your sound , good for your mind and good for your body.
Thanks a lot I will remove pins and see. Mike