Laser for XA5400ES

I'd like to purchase a new OEM laser assembly part for the Sony XA5400ES. Does anyone have an extra one to sell or know a reputable online seller of same? My internet search was unsuccessful and calls to Sony didn't help. URL links would be most appreciated.
Did you try this contact number for Sony?

I'll try your number. The number/website I was given previously is to Sony Service Plus where a legit business can buy Sony parts.
This is an official Sony parts number.

Until recently, I always spoke with an agent in Kansas. My last order was an agent offshore but I got the correct part.

Good luck.
i got mine and the service manual directly from sony. i also waited a month+ for the lasers (ordered 2).
As the laser normally lasts around ten years, are you purchasing a backup?
I own this unit and would like to know if there is anything I should know.
backups only. only thing to go bad is the laser. buy spares and you can have it for years...which i intend to.
I bought my spare laser assembly today. I have no doubt Sony will keep enough in store to meet their warranty obligations, but having owned an older Sony ES player (that I bought new) that died out of warranty with parts for it hard to find has left me exercising due diligence these days. If I don't need the new part I bought I'm sure I'll be able to sell it to someone who does.
How much are the spare lasers?
XA5400ES cheap
Sears has the part listed for 72.55
The part number for the laser assembly is 882032207.

You can buy it from Sony Parts for $44.99 plus shipping or from Sears for $72.55 plus shipping.
Great price, Rwwear. Wow.

I just bought a backup assembly for my Sony. In case anyone is looking on Sony's site and having a hard time finding info for the part, this is one of the parts sellers Sony recommends.

It took me enough time to find the info that I figured it might help someone else in similar straits. They have them in stock and are selling them for $45+shipping. I'm very much enjoying the Sony, BTW. It was a great deal for a very nice sounding unit.