Laser Pick up for Mark Levinson No.39

My ML 39 began to have many problems to read some CDs.
As my 39 was made in 1999 it´s time to replace the pick up laser.
It uses a Philips VAU1252/10. Please let me know where I can buy it. I don´t need all the drive, only the laser pick up.
As I live in Argentina I can´t send the unit. Unfortunally ML didn´t give me the information and don´t sell me the repair part.
This is the old CD-Pro mechanism. I belive it can be directly swapped for the new CD-Pro2 (VAU1254), since they both use the same fixation points.

You have to ask at

They used to sell CD-Pro (now discontinued), and now they sell the CD-Pro2 mechanism for 299 EUR.