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Digital question...
Kr4 and Realremo:Thanks much for your input.The TV owner's manual shows "Digital Audio Out - PCM/Dolby Digital, fiber optic."Does the inclusion of Dolby Digital mean that a standard audiophile dac cannot be used?? Tks. 
Laser for XA5400ES
The part number for the laser assembly is 882032207. You can buy it from Sony Parts for $44.99 plus shipping or from Sears for $72.55 plus shipping. 
Totem vs Dynaudio
Hi Audiofreakgeek,Thanks for your suggestion to audition the speakers. However, I have no local Totem/Dynaudio dealers and the nearest one/s are farther away than I want to travel. Rgs. 
Goat Hair Brush
FWIW, the U.S. distributor for Milty products is Music Hall, Great Neck, NY 516-487-3663. The UK website has a listing of several Milty products - one of which (Zerostat 3)I have purchased/used. 
TWL fishing weight mod for Rega RB600 arm
Thanks Dougdeacon for your comments. My mistake in mentioning the RB600. You are of course correct, the TWL mod was for the Rega RB250. My 59L table has the stock Denon arm; and, based on your response I shall abandon the idea of a possible mod.Tk... 
Appraising Vintage Turntable
Grimace - How do you access this price history section. Tks/Rgs. 
Analog dilemma
Hi Elizabeth,Thanks very much for your response. I just happen to have some vampire connectors on hand! Could you tell me please the number on the outer jacket of the Belden cable. Many thanks. Wally. 
Cambridge Audio bd-640 blu-ray player
I have searched the 'net for reviews but thus far I have not been able to find a single review. I would very much like to know if the sound quality of the bd640 is better than the Oppo bd-83/bd-83se. I will continue my search and if I find any I w... 
Oppo-Integra handshake problem
I had the same prolem with an Onkyo 805. Could not listen to cds or sacds via a Sony 550 blu-player and pioneer dv-58 dvd player without the my LCD being on. Onkyo was of no help even though the problem was almost surely with the 805 avr. My only ... 
Oppo BDP-83 - problem playing DTS-HD master audio
I discovered that I have a bad disc - Tchaikovsky PianoConcerto nos 1 and 3. No problem with other dts-hd master audio disc. Anyone else have a problem with this disc?? Tks. 
Does anyone actually make a processor that works
I think we as consumers must take much of the blame for the current, in my opinion, shameful condition that manufacturers release their products to the general public.Case in point - From day one, there were problems with hdmi cables and manufactu... 
Onkyo/Pioneer/Sony connection problem
First of all, I would like to thank the four members that have thus far responded concerning my problem.Progress or lack thereof: Yesterday, I spent about two hours on the phone first with Sony TV support and then Sony Blu-ray support - the end re... 
Blu Ray or Oppo?
Vman71 - What player/s have the silicon optix reon/realta processor chip? Tks. 
I'm shocked
Is there a difference between playstation 1 and playstation 1s? I am considering giving it a try. Tks. 
FM static?
Did your FM station recently change over to Digital FM broadcasting? If so, that may be your problem. It is my understanding that even with a normal signal you can still get static from a digital FM broadcast especially if you are not using a digi...