Larry Coryell RIP

And another avant garde pioneer leaves us @ 73.
A great one. R.I.P.
My introduction to Larry Coryell coincided with my introduction to high-end audio. I was visiting a friend in college and his roommate was playing the album, Lady Coryell, through MacIntosh tube equipment. I've been hooked on high-end - and Larry - ever since.

He will be missed.
I played with Larry in NYC many moons ago, I was a kid!  Sorry to her the news.  Happy Playing in Heaven Larry!
What instrument do you play, bigkidz? 
I was fortunate to see him play in a jazz club several years back.  His set started out on acoustic guitar, and then the 2nd half consisted of electric (les paul) guitar. To be honest he was even better on acoustic (IMO), but the entire set was just great.  His technique was, of course, amazing- but it was all in service to the music.  
His duet with John Mclaughlin ("Renee's Theme" on the Coryell LP "Spaces") knocks me out every time I hear it. 
I saw Coryell three times twice with Eleventh House and also solo on acoustic guitar.  My all time favorite jazz guitar player.  Nobody could play the blues like him. His playing on the debut album "the Dealer " with leader Chico Hamilton is  amazing. Also enjoy his 60's playing in Gary Burtons group on RCA records. I love all of his recent recordings on chesky records
and an acoustic album he did with an India violinist titled From the Ashes.
Gone way to soon . R.I.P.  Larry