lafayette 9090 or Sansui 4000

I have these 2 receivers available in my area for sale. I'm torn between the 2. I'm looking for a warmer sound and I believe the Sansui may deliver in that department a little better but the Lafayette has more power and my Polk SDA 2's need power to perform at their peak. I sometimes run my Bozaks at the same time so even more power is needed. I'm not an audiofile. Please help me out!
What would make me hesitate is that these receivers are 30 years + old ... Lafayette when out of business when I was in college and I am 57 years old now. Receivers this old will need some type of overhaul at some point ... power supplies, capacitors, etc. just fail. Not sure if your budget is prepared for this eventuality.

Ok, you're not an audioohile. I hope you have experience though in electrical engineering.

Rich is right - these units are 30-40 years old. Something will need to be replaced, especially the caps, if not now then very soon. If you can do the repairs yourself, go for it. These old pieces can usually be had for a song.. But if you need to take it to a shop, then you've well exceeded the cost of what its worth in perfectly working order.

Vintage is fine, if your technically inclined.
Both real junk!!
Thanks guys, your probably right. Just don't have the money for new or near new. There's also a Nad 7175PE I've had my eye on. Owner said he just had it overhauled by a professional audio shop. Is this something I should consider?
IMO, the NAD is much better than the other two you asked about.
Just be sure to give it a listen first to make sure all is in
working order. Ask if he has a receipt too for the overhaul
rather than take his word on it.

Again, I not am knocking vintage as there are some real
bargains out there. Just don't buy anything sight unseen or
without an audition if you are not able to repair it yourself.
FYI: Lafayette was a retail chain that sold many different brands. As far as their receivers and other gear,it was all made for them from other manufacturers,like Kenwood,Pioneer,etc. So if you go for the Lafayette it just might be a Sansui in disguise. As far as warmer that I can't answer.
Thanks again. Think I'll look into that NAD. I have a Luxman Rx 101 now that I'm not real happy with. I think the Nad will be an upgrade but I don't know if it'll have the "warmth" I'm looking for. Any receiver on the cheap you guys suggest?
Why not go new? For $350 you can get something like the Yamaha R-S500 . 40 year old anythings are trouble unless you are handy or have a good techie in your neighborhood.
That's in my wheel house money wise. I like Yamaha products too. Didn't know this receiver existed. Thanks for the heads up!
How does the Yamaha compare to the HK 3490?
The sansui is warm and quite dynamic. I owned one for a year while experimenting with different sounds. It may need work down the road if it's original, so it depends on the price.
At the $350 - $400 new range, there is only such much difference between products. Since your concern is primarily on a warmer than neutral overall system sound, then just make sure that you buy from a place where you can return something if you don't like it.

I owned a HK 3370 about 10 years ago and liked the receiver a lot. It was pleasing sounding. It was not hifi as described by the stereo magazines, but I used it everyday and enjoyed it. It was built only so so and shorted out when the two speakers wires touched when I was shifting the unit on a shelf.

If you do not need the tuner portion of a receiver, you can also try Emotiva amplifiers . They offer two amplifiers in the $200 range, which may be of interest to you.

Thanks Rich!