Sansui TU-X1 tuner vs. Magnum Dynalab 109

I currently own a Sansui TU-X1 tuner. It sounds really good. However, it is the only audiophile grade tuner that I've ever owned or heard. Also, it is about 30 years old but in great condition. Ive read about the the new flagship Magnum Dynalab 108 and 109 tuners and how great they are and I am curious. How much of an improvement over my Sansui TU-X1 will these new tuners be?

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The new Magnum Dynalab 109 tuner msrp is $8,500
None. You may gain HD Radio and remote control but the tuners of the Sansui's era are nearly always better.
Mitch I have a Accuphase T-100 in exceptional condition for it's age, all stock and soon to be modified.

Purely on sound performance in stock condition I would put the T-100 head to head with any of the Dynalab tuners, past production and current.

Your Sansui is a Hell of a tuner, have that beast modified by one of the well known shops.
People would kill for your TU-X1 tuner!

Yes mods would help. I had my Sansui done by one of the best Ken @ Stereo Surgeons in Hartford, CT & it sounds worlds better than stock. Ken's a Sansui expert & his pricing is very reasonable & he includes before and after specs. If you don't want to mod it you must get it re-aligned. I would still get the electrolytics replaced as they don't last much more than ~20 years.
Dear Mitch,

I get tired of people blogging about products they have never heard or compared. The MD109 does not have HD Radio and never will. If you want to try a MD109 call us at Magnum Dynalab and we will let you try one. I think our MD90T at $1785.00 will out perform the Sansui?

Best regards,

Jim Richards, COO
Magnum Dynalab
I sold my MD-108 and switched to a 1978 original Sansui TU-919. The two sound different, but I prefer the old Sansui at a fraction of the price.
I'm curious about what there is on radio to listen to nowadays? I have a wonderful MR78 that hasn't been used in years.
Rwwear, It depends on where you live. I live in Los Angeles and we have a killer jazz station here. I'm a jazz fanatic. I bought the tuner just for this jazz station. It is the only jazz station in LA. It has never been tuned to another station since I've owned it. However, I listen to my SqueezeBox much more than I do my tuner. With the Squeezebox, I get jazz stations from all over the world. Also, I get great jazz variety from Rhapsody and Pandora via the SqueezeBox.
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